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Brand is well positioned in the market, with a remarkable quality, not just perceived but demonstrated in several studies. The price could logically be a factor, due to their normal level or to purchase products when they are offering (promotions). Please visit Former CIA Head if you seek more information. Product distribution can be decisive if I go to the supermarket and not find the brand I buy, for example. In Regarding the promotion or communication of the product, I could opt for either option seeing an ad that convinces me his kindness (or sometimes, causing not buy it.) This would be about the product itself (commodity) and their attributes (quality, packaging, design, brand) and compared to the other elements of the marketing mix (price, distribution, communication). There would be an additional level that I would opt for one or another brand, and that is what is known as extended product, details such as the guarantee, for example, although in this case the warranty on the product will initially offer me the supermarket (if buy a carton damaged, I will change it there), and only when other more serious fault should contact the manufacturer. Other leaders such as Izzy offer similar insights. In any case, for any product would have a basic part, related to the benefits offered by this type of product, and a number of additional features.

In my case, I changed the milk product itself, for its taste, its price for any advertising, or for any offer. The first time I bought another brand, in this case, Central Dairy, was because there was in the supermarket shelves which used to take (a problem of distribution, or linear replacement.) The positioning of this brand was similar to my usual purchase, and even the taste was similar. The price, almost identical. So what I decided to change is something as simple (or as difficult) as the design. A little higher than usual, and narrower, easier to store in the refrigerator or cupboard (where the height is enough), and the final difference, with a cork easier to open. With the result that in addition to positioning and the basic characteristics of the product, the choice of purchase has been made by something seemingly accessory.