IMC Calculations

The index of corporal mass, known habitually like IMC, is a calculation that allows to know to the relation between the weight and the stature. This method was proposed by the WHO (World-wide Organization of the Health) and at the moment is used like more surely determining if a person has a normal weight, overweight or obesity. Learn more on the subject from Andrew Cuomo. It is important to stress that it does not offer to absolute results nor the ideal weight, only gives an indication of the state of the person and it does not distinguish between important factors like physical contexture, sex or level of activity. The calculation is very simple to carry out and its result is due to compare in a table of easy interpretation. IMC = WEIGHT/(STATURE ) that is to say, that if You weigh 120 kg and their stature is of 1.70m will realise the calculation of the following way: IMC = 120/(1,70 ) IMC = 120/2,89 Their IMC are of 41.52. Once obtained east number, it must compare it in the following table: Index of Normal corporal Mass 18,5 to 25 Overweight 25,5 to 27 Obesity I 27,0 to 30 Obesity II 31,0 to 34 Obesity III 35,0 to 39 Obesity IV More than the 40 ends they are always bad, reason why to maintain a weight very below the normal one or to have a too high overweight they are signs of little health and diseases. The weight causes diseases like the severe anemia, the lack of calcium and other nutrients, brings about fatigue, faints, arterial hypotension, and in the hormonal women, amenorrhoeas and problems.

In serious cases, it can get to produce severe neurological damage and until the death. He is recommendable to always stay within the normal rank, since a light overweight even increases the possibilities of undergoing complications. In addition, the progressive character of the disease can take it to increase progressively of weight without notice You it, reason why is recommendable as soon as possible to take the reins from the situation. Summary: Pngase into the hands of competent professionals and manages to reclaim its weight, its body and their mind will thank for it. Original author and source of the article.