Sweat is a natural mechanism that has the body cool when it is hot, when we exercise or when we are nervous. But the disadvantage of sweat lies above all in the unpleasant smell that occurs when it accumulates on the skin, favouring the growth of bacteria and fungi. That’s why most of us try to sweat as much as possible. Here are some good tips on how to avoid perspiration and sticky and smelly consequences. -To start washing the areas of increased sweating with vegetable sponge, liquid soap and water, to eliminate bacteria that proliferate due to the accumulation of sweat on the skin.

-It is said that washes with boric acid and bicarbonate solutions also help to avoid perspiration. -Dry the skin, to prevent bacteria and fungi to grow on it. -Then one of the best tips on how to avoid perspiration is apply antiperspirant products. There are specific products for every part of the body: for the face and scalp, for armpits, feet, etc. There in different presentations, in cream, bar, spray. You have to try several to see which works best on you.

-Wash sweaty areas again and again apply antiperspirant, several times a day. -Use cottons and natural fibers, which prevent the accumulation of sweat on the skin. Synthetics, such as polyester or nylon garments do not allow the circulation of air on the skin, and the sweat accumulates on it. -Other measures homemade to avoid perspiration can be: apply on skin a solution composed of two parts of vinegar and a part of alcohol, or directly put lemon juice on the zones which sweat more. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that you can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for excessive sweat.