However, Heidegger was not simplismente in the critical one of the matafisica and the positivismo. It wanted to supply to a reasonable exit the impasse the one that had arrived these two trends of the modern thought. Rob Daley follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It was necessary to finish with the dualista thought of the philosophy occidental person, where the object if shows as in one pauco that it is in end the citizen. For Heidegger, in modernity, this idea of citizen – this form of citizen relation and object – if would have connected to the Humanismo. Thus, the citizen was assumed as the man, and the object as the world, that is, what it exists would not exist for itself, but, as object that is, would exist for the man and in the man.

The citizen is the legislator of what it exists. The culture was reduced the humanismo. What to make to leave this condition? How to make a philosophy legalizes? Heidegger goes to make the dinstino of being and being. The man would not be more the owner of the being, yes the shepherd of the being. ‘ ‘ It reaches thus the total poverty of the shepherd, whose dignity consists of the being called for the proper one to be to keep to its verdade’ ‘. Who is the being thinks and that the thought alone can think the being, that is, the thought is always thought of the being, objective and subjectively simutneamente, that is, in the direction of that it does not lead therefore to any to know, as any impulse or wisdom happens with sciences, oferce to the action and so little does not decide enigmas. It belongs to the being, not to the man; the man, while it thinks, only can ‘ ‘ to leave that the being seja’ ‘..