Hoteleiros Enterprises

At a time in which we try to fight the deforestation, to acquire knowledge the people on the extreme water consumption and its pollution, pollution of the ground and air, where we see recent notice on oil spilling in our seas and the Brazilian unpreparedness of the company to prevent these ambient disasters, valley to the penalty to detach people and companies who take initiatives to take care of of the planet. One knows that an only person does not go to change the world, but when she is about good practical and social responsibility comings of a net with hotels in the entire world, serving as example for new initiatives, she creates expectations around new hoteleiros enterprises that are appearing in Brazil, aiming at to supply the demand of Pantry 2014. The Ibis hotel Airport of Porto Alegre was inaugurated in 2004 and already in its construction they had been taken measured to guarantee the water collection of rain through 4 collectors in the roof that catch and distribute between 16 boxes d' water, totalizing 38 a thousand liters. This water is used to water the gardens and in all the discharges of 154 apartments and bathrooms of the employees. The garbage separation in the made kitchen and with garbage cans colored with separation for type of material as, plastics, glasses, papers, metals, organic and the oil, that separate and are collected by a company. But one liter of oil is capable to poluir thousand of liters of water, the absorption of the water of rain waterproofs the ground not allowing.

In the apartments, searching the awareness of the guests, is placed a plate of reutilizao of sheets on of the bed and so that it is not changed it is alone to turn plaquinha that it says: ' ' ' ' . The same in the bathroom in relation to the towels ' ' to each five reused towels a new tree is plantada' ' in the door so that the lights when leaving the apartment save energy erasing. The Accor net possesss a partnership with the project ' ' Plant will be the Planet' ' (It plants for the Planet) that it is an initiative of the program of United Nations for the environment by means of a campaign in favor of the plantation of a billion of trees in the world. When making a projection of expenses with the laundry, all time that the Accor obtains diminishes the foreseen expenses, this difference is donated to the project. Beyond this 9001 quality certifier, the hotel also received ISO 14001, for establishing a System of Gesto Ambiental (SGA) effective. The Ibis hotel Airport is far from being 100% ecological green or, but it makes its part individually thinking about a set of people, animals, forests, that they will need these resources in the future and that today they are at risk because of the lack of ambient conscience.