Homo Lex: The Lexicon For Gay Scene Language

Automatic linking of the definitions in the gay portal makes transparent scene language the German gay online community gay starts a gay lexicon for the gay scene language. Scene terms are explained briefly and accurately through a text and hand-drawn illustrations. The illustrations are produced in cooperation with the design gayads.biz network. This everyday terms and abbreviation of “a/p”, about “Glory hole”, and going to the “bitch” can be – that apparently also Indians of the gay world has found a place. The project unique in the gay area filters all words of up to 4000 daily gay Classifieds and links matching words with their encyclopedia entry. If a name such as “Ampallang” or “t6” is a gay ad readers not familiar with, he finds a brief explanation in words and pictures by clicking on the term. Daily over 6000 search queries to be sent according to the operator’s Homo lex. The lexicon is growing due to the suggestions of the users.

So far, 648 gay terms are explained. The Enquiries and definition helps will be forwarded to editorial and continuously works. Because the fun not neglected due to the drawings, how long “Kampflesbe” will struggle for some terms, until a generally accepted definition and illustration from a gay perspective was found. Homo lex can your partner Karlheinz Schuler be called under Homo lex c/o Bali & Husain, Marianne Street 9-10 10999 Berlin telephone: (030) 22 411 54 4 Fax: (030) 69 088 41 6 e-mail: about gay that gay is gay since 1996 the most frequented registration-free gay online community in Germany with over 850,000 unique visits a month. Gay offers a highly frequented contact portal, free matchmaking, gay chat, user homepages and Classifieds, as well as an interactive Gay City Guide for all German-speaking countries. Gay can be reached under gay about gayads.biz Gayads.biz is a design agency for Web design, banner design, Flash animation and graphic design. Gayads.biz works for gay -oriented companies such as Gay Onlinecommunities, erotic provider, online shops and publishers. Gayads.biz supports the development since 2005, Gayads.biz on the Internet can be reached by gay at gayads.biz Karlheinz Schuler