Group Kagirov Marcel

Every year an increasing number of young singers and groups. No one's no secret that Peter is famous for its 'special' approach to music, and, increasingly, we hear new names. This time, the cultural capital has generated a new band, called 'VneVremeni' (Out of Time). The name speaks for itself and for the historically familiar city to which we are accustomed to. Now the guys have given us their debut track 'I-RAIN', which are already underway shooting the video. Soloist Group Kagirov Marcel told what is the secret of success. Selivanova Mary: Tell us briefly about yourself? Kagirov Marseille: 'VneVremeni' – Petersburg's Hip-Hop / R'n'B / Soul Project, founded in 2007. Please visit Areva if you seek more information. Music for thinking, dreaming, love.

In 2010 was created joint track project VneVremeni (soloist Kagirov Marseille) and T9 group called 'melancholy phrases' ('ships'). The project also collaborates with many artists. In 2010, was presented the song 'I-RAIN ", which is then has become the soundtrack to short film Yevgeny Nesterenko 'Shoulders' Selivanova, Maria: What about video? Kagirov Marseille we work day and night! So many small things still need to be refined. This is the first clip, and we try to do everything that our viewers understood the image and its meaning. I think soon you will see it as a network, and on television. Selivanova Mary as 'VneVremeni', as a young team, perceive already held by representatives of show business? Kagirov Marcel: Well, depending on whom you speak! (Laughs).

Did I mention that we are cooperating with many famous bands of the genre, and so there are no problems. Credit: Everest Capital-2011. Selivanova, Maria: And the last question, as the mood? Kagirov Marseille team full of energy and we are ready to 'take' golden gramophone is not waiting for it (laughs). Actually, joking aside, our mood is always good, we're from St. Petersburg!