Greece Properties

The cost of housing increases by at least 4-5% per year and the market situation is mainly determined by the foreigners. It is convenient to buy real estate on the coast, where the value of land depends on its distance to the sea. You can buy a villa finished, but more profitable to order construction. Book building profitable. You have the advantage to choose the site and type, to achieve the best results will be done the design, which will consider all suggestions and well as framing and hardware. Design is carried out in accordance with the provisions of construction, which allowed in a given area.

A prerequisite for the construction of a permit. Better construction site to request a construction company. On the whole construction period is provided by installments. Construction costs on average 1500 euros / sqm Building a house is usually a year. The procedure for buying real estate in Greece is not complicated.

But there are restrictions such as no citizen of Greece in the border zones of the country, the purchase is not allowed. The property drawn to the implementation of notarial acts, where the buyer should get a room Tax Authority. In order to purchase real estate must submit documents: passport. The number received in Greece. Once the property is elected, the contract is concluded and carried a prepayment of at least 10%. The basic agreement is signed by a notary. A real estate agent, who must be present at the signing of the contract. In addition, make sure the presence of a lawyer. Lawyer checks the documents. costs depend on the property values and brings them a buyer. Treaty shall be registered in the Register of real estate, and then the buyer enters into e right of tenure. To obtain a loan, there are strict rules: alien must live in Greece and to pay taxes or have a guarantor – a citizen of Greece. In the course of the month you can get a loan. Construction companies in Greece the practice of issuing loans through their financial structure. In Greece, taxes, paid by the buyer. The cost of the contract. Attorney's fees – 1% of property value. Notary fees – 1%. Tax on property rights – 11% of the cost. Municipal taxes – 3%. Join in the mortgage registry – 0,5%. Since 2006 property is subject to taxation. Tax is paid on the basis of the difference between the value of property, and its market value. The tax rate is proportional to the time spent by the owner of property rights. Thus, the smaller object was in possession, the highest tax rate.