Greece Infrastructure

Hotels in Greece has the highest class of service and services. But before you go on vacation to this wonderful country, should know that hotels in Greece are not divided on the basis of the well-known "star". Their level of service is denoted by a letter grade assigned to them: C, B, A, B or D (ascending). Category D (De Luxe 5 *) was assigned the most prestigious hotels in Greece. Here rest the most demanding and respectable tourists. Category A (4 *) The most numerous category of hotels are in demand by wanting to have a quality service, all of the most essential services and entertainment at a reasonable cost. Hotels in this category may strikingly differ among themselves: some have equated for service, infrastructure, and prices for 4 * hotel, and others on these parameters closer to 5 *.

Category B (3 *) Includes a fairly comfortable and affordable hotels with different offers entertainment and service. Category C (2 *) Hotels in this category are simple, no frills, small in size, at good prices. Often these hotels belong to the same family that performs and functions staff. Lack of infrastructure are different entertainment. But since this type of housing is often located in the heart of the popular tourist destination, the entire infrastructure of entertainment resorts in one step away from these very hotels. Hotels in Greece are not always tied to the tourist infrastructure, some hotels are quite lonely. Therefore, choosing resorts and hotels, pay attention to compliance Hotel desired type of recreation.