Google Checkout

Due to the severe global economic crisis, in this article I’m going to teach them some guidelines so that they can steer a new stage of their lives. Currently the Internet is a very big market and increasingly grows more. Where the market and competitors are in all countries of the world. From this point of view, this is an opportunity for all. I will explain briefly the steps to succeed: 1.

the first step is to research the market. As I research the market?. The world’s largest companies, hire the best researchers of the market, before investing in a product, do so because they have lots of money. Now I’m going to present the best tool so that they can investigate, and totally free. You may find amit paley to be a useful source of information. It is no secret that Google is the search engine most used in the world and with an advantage very, but very, above its more close competitor Yahoo. Will now enter Google, once there, look for keywords tool.

The first result will be the following address: this tool lets you know how many people are looking for a particular word. Since Google recorded all the words being searched. Once there, we can search for example: leather shoes, we will know how many people are looking for leather shoes, and in the advertiser competition column to see how much competition there is in that product. 2. Once we find a product and/or service which has high demand and little competition, go to the second step which is to start selling over the Internet, this is much more easier and more economical to rent a local and pay high monthly fees. Now, you ask is that I need to make a web page? How will I be paid? As you will find my website? To have a web page, you must obtain: a. domain, which is the name that will have your page, for example: payment is annual with an approximate cost of $10. b. Hosting, which is the place where your website will be stored. The payment is annual and here you get a good Hosting, since there are many that you could have many problems. You could get approximately from $20 per year. c. web page design. This will be the most expensive, but will only have to pay 1 single time for it. You Che receive payments, you can use Paypal, which is the most economical and accepts almost all credit cards. You could also use 2CheckOut. 3. The next step is to promote your website and attract visitors who are interested in buying your product / service. For this I recommend Google AdWords, advertising in magazines and other media that you think you many clients will send. If your business is export, you could work with Alibaba, Kotear (from Peru), free market, Google Checkout, among others. 4. As a final step get trained with topics related to your business and consult people for success in business. Finally, I must tell you that every business requires great dedication and persistence. A lot of work! Written by Eng. Suarez Nakasone.