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Now the smart Jobber is used: the job suits his individual profile, he gets a notification by email and via a special app on his Smartphone. With a click, he accepts the order, the two parties are connected to each other and can discuss directly and without further details. A big difference to other providers is located next to the social component, in particular, that the peopleAG was mainly aimed at individuals. We offer services from private to private. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rob Daley. Other models only offer the business to private individuals and are paid also extremely close,”explains Reiner. We hardly anyone outside the door is sent usually under 15 euros.” The reliable and timely financial management is another important aspect of the offer. And that is very simple: the customer pays in advance the amount laid down by him in the peopleAG. After completed job he gives a review from.

This is positive or neutral, the payment is immediately forwarded to the account of the smart jobbers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Western Union. This means at the same time, a quality control of the smart Jobber. The second negative evaluation of smart Jobber from the register is taken and more can take no orders. Frequently this will not happen: another difference to other providers is that we our contractor, all hand-picked and have evaluated. This means that they are all tested and we have talked to each person “, so Marcus Reiner.” About peopleAG Germany GmbH: The peopleAG was founded in 2012 by Marcus Reiner (44) in Cologne and is unique with its business model in Germany: via an Internet platform gives companies favor work (smart jobs) and micro jobs from private clients to private contractors (smart jobber). Transparent and fair work at the Center. Each performance is so much worth as a customer is ready to pay for it. All registered Smart jobbers are individually tested by the peopleAG and evaluated.