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Exchange podium for the first time in the history of the SGBDD power management Conference held an ExplorCamp instead. Here each of nearly 350 senior executives had the opportunity to visit six out of a total of ten lectures given by the various divisions and then to go into discussions with speakers and the audience. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. This type of meeting allowed participants a stronger dialogue and encouraged the exchange of information between the different business areas. On the second day of the event, topics were debated such as distribution and human resource development. At a round table, which was overseen by TV presenter Claudia Kleinert, has exchanged the Managing Director about future developments.

The leadership conference 2013 ended k with a contrasting presentation of the guest speaker Dr. Reinhard Sprenger, who is regarded as a profiliertester expert of in Germany. More information about Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) under. About SGBDD the Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH, a company of the Saint-Gobain is S.A., Paris. With a turnover of about 43 Billion (2012) and almost 193,000 employees in 64 countries the Saint-Gobain Group is among the largest industrial company in the world.

As a leading distributor of building in Germany, Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD), Frankfurt am Main, 2012 with approximately 5,500 employees nationwide 250 subsidiaries generated a turnover of EUR 2 billion. The building merchant offers innovative products, systems and services in the fields of construction and modernisation. The range extends from the basement to the roof and comprises also deep – as well as gardening and landscaping. The Foundation of the company 17 brands from the fields make roof tiles/sanitary, building construction (short HBM, heavy building materials), wood, photovoltaics, and civil engineering, which unites SGBDD under one roof.