Georg Heym – Expressionist Poet

Biographical and work information concerning the name of Georg Heym otherwise sounds in many ears than anyone else. Only absolute experts in the once young talent has become a name – as a poet. Georg Heym Georg Heym was born on the 30.10.1887 in Hirschberg and started early with the writing of prose, but mainly poetry. Driven by his father reluctantly he enrolled at the University of Jena, and studied law. His contempt at the society of the early 20th century was reflected in his famous poems in the form of criticism of man, the city and the world. As one of the few writers he recognized the weaknesses of the industry dominated society and consciously decided to swim against the tide. A flagship artist of expressionism. When he completed his legal studies in the former “literary capital” Berlin 1910, his career should again take a turn not least because he detested his monotonous work.

Heym diary entry: my natural fits like in the straitjacket. I burst in all Brain seams. u0085 And now I must stuff me like an old sow on the mast with the jurisprudence, it is sickening. I would like to spew to prefer the filth, as take it in the mouth.” Nowadays the name Georg Heym known above all students, who must interpret his poems. Most popular, his poem is the God of the city, with security that is a fictional God controlled the cities and their people. With this metaphor, Heym represents city people, who live in a constantly identical daily routine, in the criticism.

The 16 January 1912 should end then the young poet in a dramatic way. On a frozen river of Berlin, his poet friend Ernst Balcke and he went ice skating. When attempting to drown his friend before the maintain drowned Heym himself and left in addition to his wife, Jenny, about 600 poems. His early death prevented a career as a poet, who no doubt had predicted other writers him.