Front Years

3. Approximately 1 hour each day we spend on scouting – from job to job, travel, travel anywhere, and so on. 1 hour per day – is 1 / 24 of your remaining life. 70 / 24 = 3. From 41 subtract 3, and we still only 38 years old. 4. More eight o’clock goes to work. According to statistics, 50 percent of people hate their job – and that means it’s time is running out ineptly. Math. 8 * 22 (number of working days per month) * 12 (number of months per year) * 30 (number of years remaining until pension if you are 30) = 64,080 hours. Divide this figure by 24 (number of hours per day) = 2,670 days. Divide by 365 (the number of days per year) = 7 years. We’ve had 38 years, subtract 7 and we have only 31 years old. 5. 1 more hour each day goes nowhere – tv, Internet, computer, newspaper, waiting in queues, conversations with colleagues and relatives and so on. 1 hour per day – is 1 / 24 of your remaining life. 70 / 24 = 3. We have had 31 years, subtract 3, and we still have 28 years. But enough math. Here are some more statistical calculations. More about 3 years you spend in caring for their health – disease, the purchase of drugs, doctor visits to sex and sport you will take another 1 year of your life. About a year you’ll buy something – from products to new wallpapers.

As a result, 28 – 3 – 1.1 = 23. Total of 70 years in the beginning we have only 23 years at the end. Now answer me a few questions. What if your life will end before 100 years – possibly, scientists have not yet made the discovery necessary to you? What if your age has passed for 30 years? Why not consider other little things that will reduce the time of your life for another three different years? And many more but also if any? Well, you still are under the illusion that the front is enough time? They were rough estimates. And how many more will run your life? Do not be lazy and do their calculations using the information provided. Even with the good approach to life itself you are left with little more than 20 years. As you expect to spend this time Will continue to swim the river of life, hoping to chance, luck or fortune? But this is a road to nowhere! So let me know what you’re doing right now, at this moment not to be in the broken trough at the end of life? Do you appreciate your time – because it is not really so much? How will you spend tomorrow, next week, month, year.