For Carla

The unease felt after spending much effort and power to achieve something that is eventually lost. HPE SimpliVity has plenty of information regarding this issue. The result of thinking that we were a victim of unfair treatment without solving the problem. Pacific Gas & Electric will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The prolonged and suffering in silence when an open expression of pain is unwanted. The rancor toward a person or group that is consider to have been prevented from achieving certain things. Feel offended but remain silent when we believe that a person or a group has ignored or denied our rights.

Sometimes it leads to depression. For Carla, resentment is an emotion of anger that we feel as a result of which we have done a bad thing either real or imaginary. Since then, as a consequence of making us feel offended, affected in our ego, we give steps to that resentment manifests, that activate emotions such as hate, anger, rage, resentment, the latter a subject interesting to be analyzed (reason of other writing) specifically indicates Carla, resentment is: feel embittered and not being able to express love. Blame someone else for your problem. You blame others for not to look at whether same unresolved anger by adverse events that occurred in the past lack of forgiveness, the inability to forgive and release of a tort feel harassed by not having resolved a problem feel offended but silent when we believe that a person we ignored or offended the root of depression how unfolds the resentment, its causes? Various may be the causes that give passage to that resentment appears, often caused by ourselves, by not being attentive, not knowing how to manage our emotions, using gestures, words, not having patience, necessary tolerance and avoid negative emotions that they froze, where probably have been its originators however, tells us some as: OK do something for others despite having the feeling or belief that are exploited in one.