Federative Republic Laws

As if it sees, the situation is indeed serious, therefore, I repeat, without classroom politics, with a minimum of theoretical preparation, does not exist regimen democrtico.' ' (REALE, 2005) With this, we recognize that all Brazilian citizen has right to adequate the public service, accomplishing a social right, being able to demand of the State the conclusion of benefits for the satisfaction of the considered necessities essential. If the public service will not be carried through or to occur in inadequate way, the bearer of the social right still has the standing to sue to demand of the Judiciary one. The Social Service while profession of defense and fight for social rights, also is possessing of norm and laws destined to the professional exercise, is endorsed in the Federal Constitution, Declaration of the Human Rights, as well as in diverse administrative constitutional ruleses that are the rules of law and that is made use below of the Constitution. In the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, promulgated in 5 of October of 1988, the constitutional ruleses meet, that are constituted by rules of law and legal principles (implicit or explicit). It is the legal regramento basic superior and, having, all the too much norms to observe the ditames of the constitutional law. The complementary laws, the delegated laws, usual laws, legislative decrees and resolutions that are forwarded by the legislative, in the executive, also we find the constitutional ruleses that they are, the provisional remedy lowered by the President of the Republic, that has act of law, and the decree lowered for the prescribed executive the law. All the too much administrative acts lowered legislative by them, executive and judiciary, also, are considered constitutional ruleses, therefore, beyond observing the administrative and legal disposals, they also must, observing the rules constitutional, following the beginning of the hierarchy of the law, duly warned to be considered unconstitutional, or illegal. .