This article aims to explain what they are and what they do the emoticons for Facebook, in addition to mentioning some advantages and additional information that has the use of these graphic representations. This information is intended for persons who are interested in its use or who just want to learn more about the topic. The emoticon word comes of the neologism or the union of 2 simple words: emotion and icon, i.e. are simple graphical representations whose purpose represents express a feeling or emotion of the person who writes it for that moment or moment. Official site: Bloomingdales. To the surprise of many people the first emoticons were created at the end of the 19th century in the United States, although its use has spread in recent years due to the advance of technology, cellular (mobile) phones, the Internet and social networks.

The smileys for Facebook are one of the most common uses that has been given to these graphic representations in recent years, due mainly to the popularization of this social network in addition to the wide range of options that have been created by the original designers, with different themes and characters, from a pair of single characters (such as a smiling or happy face) to the most innovative (like different animals, objects of different sizes and the use of numbers as words), so the chances of election are huge. Some of the most common known emoticons are: Smiley =), the sad face There are people who do not yet know, but can always use these small graphics to communicate in a way more fun and expressive. Jeff Gennette recognizes the significance of this. One of the main advantages that have the emoticons for Facebook, is leaving the monotonous and common use of different words that we use on a daily basis through this social network, other advantage is that it gives you a level of customization unique that other users do not have a wide range of possibilities where you choose, there are constant updates and original creations, which is also free and fun. There are millions of people who are using it right now with all these advantages mentioned among others. Reza a very popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, this is exactly what the emoticons for Facebook try to offer at the moment you are you trying to communicate with your contacts or loved ones in this social network; that small image with a size, design and color special, personalized can say much more in the moment express a situation or update your status, in comparison to the use of the traditional words, which are somewhat boring and common, since they are used daily by most people (or even never used it). Some of the ideas and purposes that have to use the emoticons to Facebook is also: out of the everyday, break the mold of the ordinary, highlight among other users or surprise to someone in particular, either a family member, friend or acquaintances. We invite you to use them, to do so are needed in two simple steps: download it from the internet and start the installation process on your computer/computer, it is recommended that after you restart the browser for you begin to use them. The process to install the emoticons for Facebook is totally reliable, since these applications have been previously verified, enjoys its use.