Outside, the typical jungle in which each large city Expressway becomes an ordinary day: drivers who throw insults, engines accelerating to the maximum, leaks, braking noise, honking and much, much tension. Inside of your car, Diego seems to be living in a parallel world. His gaze is distinct from all others. He does not frown, but that it is quiet, almost smiling. View the others as if it were a ghost, as if they could not touch him. Close your eyes a few moments while waiting for their turn to advance in a long row of vehicles that jammed, want to continue their journey to work.

Diego is enjoying with each of your senses that time: displays the sea and feels the nature of your ideal place in your body. The music that plays in the car of Diego, which mixes soft melodies with the sound of breaking waves, is the perfect setting for this inner harmony. Would you like to do the same as Diego? What you would say if I say that, it is not only possible but it will be able to move from feelings of stress, anxiety and nerves to an inner peace worthy of a Tibetan monk in less than a minute? If you want to learn how, then read, because now you know how to remove the anxiety with NLP. Your brain is conditioned by your past. Throughout your life, your neurological system has been learning how to respond to certain external stimuli. Note I do not mean to reflex actions, like taking hand before the fire, for example, but learned behaviors. The way today you react, for example, against a difficult situation (tension in your muscles, lack of saliva in the mouth, heart beating fast) is what, naturally, your brain knows that you have to do. What we do, using NLP, is reprogram the script, change the end of the story, decide how we want to act against any fact that we present, choose how we feel.