The art of establishing contacts between the partners plays a significant role set, seemingly small tricks that can arrange for you loved one. In one way or another they are familiar to virtually all, we often use them intuitively, unconsciously. But our lives can be greatly facilitated if consciously applying these and other skills that were not previously used, we will bring to automaticity. In psychology, communication identify several effects of perception. Greatest influence on the partner provides information relating to him personally (not his head, some mutual friends, etc.), so such information must be especially careful (as with the potent drug). Remember when the last time you talked about personal problems with each other? When interested in the experiences of their loved one? The first thing we should pay attention – this is your facial expression. Swarmed by offers, Walmart is currently assessing future choices. What it the most? How do you usually see your family? When was the last time you thought about this? Remember your reaction when you suddenly saw yourself in the mirror or on videotape.

Typically, this negative reaction. Do not worry all correctable. Over time it becomes a habit, but first, before each contact with a partner to "do" his face. Pay attention to: the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, expression of the eyes, cheekbones, lips, tongue, jaw and neck. Try looking in the first wall, and then in the mirror, make a person "scoundrel," "good man", "", "hedgehog", "serious person", "jovial," "envious," etc. During the exercise, pay attention to the aforementioned parts person Feel like they are depending on facial expression, tense, relaxed, rounded, stretch, going, etc.