Policy comparison and insurance Exchange saves up to two-thirds of annual insurance costs – re-registration or vehicle change to accurate estimation of the number of kilometres eighth deviations of insurance be communicated – policy comparison and insurance Exchange saves up to two-thirds of the annual insurance costs Berlin, 08 July 2010, about 7 million private cars change in Germany every year the holder or are newly admitted. In addition to the compulsory registration at the registration office is also the corresponding insurance of the purchased vehicle in the focus. One of the key, which must be made when the new insurance of a car, is the question of the annual mileage. Vehicle owners should specify as accurately as possible the estimated mileage with, because it has a decisive influence on the height of the vehicle annual premium. So can ( according to current calculations of the independent consumer portals to the cost of the insurance alone on the basis of the specified mileage vary more than 100 percent. Within the framework of the calculations, experts have compared 30 cheap motor insurers in the market for different performance rates. It was the identical each profile of a Berlin family * shall be used. As a result, frequent travellers, covering 40,000 miles a year, averaging nearly 72 percent pay more for car insurance as the little rider with a mileage of 5,000 kilometres.

At the top, the differences are even at over 100 percent. Even compared with the statistical average drivers, covering 13,000 kilometers a year, drivers pay more average about 37 percent. To be due in the case when the largest German motor direct insurer HUK24 908 EUR per year for third party liability and comprehensive insurance, applying a mileage of 40,000 kilometers. At 5,000 kilometres, the police would cost only 503 euros. Also the average driver saves almost 300 euro compared to the frequent travellers with a mileage of 13,000.