English Language

Many of these words borrowed into Spanish from the Aztec have gone instead to the English as well, chile, avocado, Chiche, chocolate, peyote, coyote, tomato, ocelot, guacamole, mescal. In some parts of Mesoamerica, because of their economic and social conditions, an Indian could speak one or more Indian languages, besides their own, this is common in Guatemala, where in some areas recently colonized by speakers of more than one language or some communities have welcomed people from outside in the distant past. INTERACTION WITH THE ENGLISH. DEFINITION OF THE TERM Pidgin The pidgin term is applied number of speech varieties that have grown out of English or other languages and have been used in various parts of the world since the seventeenth century. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hikmet Ersek and gain more knowledge.. They are often called bastard jargons.

In fact these languages are like any other and can be adequately defined and described. When a language is used as a means of communication between people who have no common language is a lingua franca. A lingua franca is not appropriate for any of those who are using and with a grammar and vocabulary is called a considerably reduced pidgin. If you would like to know more then you should visit Keith Yamashita. (This definition excludes both English disconnected from a person who is beginning to learn and skillful, but non-maternal use of English in contexts such as India). When an entire speech community makes their first language and takes the pidgin as their native language, pidgin becomes a creole language is creolized '. A number of pidgins and creoles has come to contact with several European languages. .