The discount of you will pay by means of endorsement the Discount of promissory notes and of change letters, it is a process by means of which, it is anticipated, by means of a financial organization or private company designated by Mediatoris, the noun of the change letters or promissory notes that are endorsed to this organization, who will be in charge to realise its management of collection in its respective victories. It is tried therefore to yield to a financial organization or private company part of the future rights of collection in favor of the company, documented by means of receipts, promissory notes or letters of change, that will anticipate its amount at the time of the cession discounting at this moment the expenses to us and I interest generated by the operation. This commercial cession or discount implies the transmission of our rights like creditors denominating itself endorsement. Others who may share this opinion include Publishers Clearing House. Advantages? It must sign policies, neither to guarantee nor to present/display guarantees of no type. The discounted amounts do not add risk to him in the CIRBE. Guarantee, Seriousness and Discretion during the proceeding. Immediate liquidity.

In exchange for the discount commercial, of Promissory notes or letters of change, you take the liquid of the financial operation by means of payment means that choose. Requirements Are necessary that the society payer, the drawer is a company with consolidated enterprise trajectory. Since the discount is not guaranteed by means of reinforcement policy, it is not sufficient that the company does not have payment incidences or that until the moment does not have returns. It is to hope that the drawer has an enterprise activity of great volume, that the countable state and its results can be contrasted by means of the opportune up-to-date mercantile information. The discount of promissory notes, change letters, by means of endorsement, allow to a financing with a type of interest greater than the traditional bank (or we indicated that there are guarantors nor policies of no reinforcement), but is but agile and essential, mainly if incidences of payment of the drawee exist (the recetor of the payment) or are not possible the discount banking to have the exceeded lines of discount.