Email Encryption

Secure file exchange and E-Mail encryption is encrypt the modern data transfer on the basis of E-Mails FOX is easy, fast and at any time, easily large amounts of data as attachments are sent. The email account and the Outlook program is protected in most cases with passwords and the sender of the E-mail is sure when transmitting his messages. Many Internet users are not themselves but aware, how easy it is to intercept electronic messages. Professional hackers are nowadays increasingly engaged in the theft of data and their abuse for the own fraudulent purposes. Just sensitive business messages represent a big risk for any company with lucrative information to customers and Bank data. The extent of the fraud is incalculable and is mostly very surprising for those affected. Sending a normal email can be compared with sending a postcard in which anyone can read the content. The solution to this problem is the encrypt important emails with a relevant and powerful Plug-In.

For the secure encrypt email with which IS Fox, home and business Internet users can encrypt, encrypt email encrypt IS Fox to effectively protect them from unwanted abuse. Fox encrypt is a powerful Plug-In for the Microsoft Outlook application. For encryption of E-Mails so far very cumbersome operations were necessary, it had to issue certificates and keys exchanged. These operations were associated with stress and an increased workload for the recipient. The Fox IS encrypt as a Plug-In revolutionized this area with an uncomplicated manner, both for the sender and the receiver. The emails created in Outlook are safety-encrypted and any attachments as ZIP file encoded.

The password for the authorized opening the The eligible recipient E-Mail as SMS on his mobile phone. User friendly and clear how of this IS Fox encrypt can has a transparent procedure with the quick and easy emails are encrypted. It is optional whether the entire email or only the attachments in a secure ZIP file is encrypted. Automatically generating the corresponding password, this password can be changed if desired. The phone number of the recipient is automatically also from the address book of the sender, and missing numbers can be added and then saved at any time. Send the password via SMS to the recipient and can either automatically or individually created with a personal message. Here, Former CIA Head expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Then the password for each email is stored encrypted, here it is possible to generate password by default used for a particular recipient. According to the Enter of the password can decrypt the receiver fully and on time the received E-Mail, this process must not be repeated when a reopen of the email. Encrypt encryption of files is Fox is done in Microsoft Outlook, a widely-used application program, and served the universally common ZIP format, which is familiar to many users is. All parties involved in the communication can decrypt the encrypted files easily and quickly.