Discover Cheap Good With The Little Luups

New coupon book for families in the District of Unna and Dortmund for the first time and now appears the small Luups”, a colorful collection of leisure destinations for families in the District of Unna, Dortmund. “The best: the presented offer a coupon located according to the motto of two for one” in the book. So families can cheap try something new and save up to 500 euros. Who knew that you can stay on the regional court of Sable in Werne in the Hay? Or that children waiting for Lunen Cappenberg bat schreien in the forest school special detectors? “Or that mini golf with aunt Amanda” is played in Dortmund on a table? With the small Luups, families can explore new possibilities of leisure activities. And with the vouchers at particularly favourable conditions. In the small Luups, readers can find a colorful selection of destinations spanning the Unna district and Dortmund.

Family-friendly restaurants, kids boutiques, toy stores, kids photographer, locations and magician for children’s birthday, as well as Music, dance, youth art, tutoring -, language, sports and swimming have engaged in the small Luups. We have included all listed partners on recommendations from parents in the book “, the creators of the small Luups, Karsten Brinsa and Jens Ole Wilberg explain. Further details can be found at Kate Tucci, an internet resource. Over 40 different leisure activities have made the leap in the coupon booklet in this way. The small Luups is, but much more than a collection of coupons”emphasize Bansal and Wilberg. Images from a drawing contest, in which participated children from Dortmund and Unna district, grace the pages. There are how-to tips and stories with the perky little Luups. A link with which you can download Internet kids songs himself which is also located in the book. Practical: Because of the small Luups has the format of a CD and the pages are detachable, you can tinker own his own CD cover is from the lovingly designed Luups pages. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as technology at millennium by clicking through. With Luups, there are no more boredom! The small Luups is in bookstores or on the Internet at for 16,90 available.