Didactic Book

It still fits, a part important of the function to continue feeding the conception of History of Brazil that comes being constructed since sc. XIX (MARIA ABUD, 1986: 81). Thus, ahead in such a way of proposal, as of acceptance regarding what if she teaches, and as if she teaches through the Didactic Book, meet only questionings, in return of Ensino Description, therefore to understand ' ' History of Brazil and the Mundo' ' , and its beddings inside of one determined society, independent of time, space and civilization, a task becomes that needs one total patience, determination. The didactic book is an important material for the professor which serves of referencial other research to be applied in classroom. According to Western Union, who has experience with these questions. Therefore, it must be adapted to each flexible region in the hand of the professors where it will be able to relate its subjects with the reality of its pupils, being gotten bigger participation stimulating the interest in learning, starting for the history of its City, State and Country, and more the front knowing the history of the other continents. The didactic book also is important for its aspect cultural politician and, in measured where it reproduces and it represents the values of the society in relation its vision of science, history, the interpretation of the facts and the proper process of transmission of the knowledge.

(OLIVEIRA, GUIMARES, BOMNY, 1984:11) Leaving of the OLIVEIRA idea, GUIMARES and BOMNY in its book the politics of the didactic book, the same has that I came adequate the reality of each region. As we can observe the didactic books are structuralized in standards that do not correspond our reality, becoming difficult the performance of the professors who now only are if specializing in the area. 2.METODOLOGIA the education of history in the basic level is being considered in its resume reflections and debates for professors and pupils to stimulate the learning.