It would have lost its judgment? Not obstante, it had the certainty to have used to advantage each instant as if he was the last one. Truth or lie, was its bigger doubt at the moment. 7 and to this consumed it doubt per three days entire. The moon started to grow in the sky; the members of the people of the roof had come back to appear toward Creusalinda. It gave of shoulders. _ _ Ol, Creusalinda said livened up Bin.

_ _ Does not remember us? _ _ Amole did not say Creusalinda to me, saddened. _ _ Sei that vocs they do not pass of a lie. Me it leaves dormir covered itself until the hair. _ _ We are not a lie, small Creusalinda lady, lie has leg curta said Sound. _ _ And we do not have short legs. As he can well see.

_ _ Is verdade ton agreed. Creusalinda did not react, and the three teeny ones had been immovable and dumb. They had turned the coasts the Creusalinda. _ _ Does not have very what to make here, if it does not have nobody to say with us _ _ said Sound for the others. _ _ Vamos even so. _ _ Sim said ton. _ _ Already we catch what we had that to catch. We go to come back toward house. _ _ Is one pena said Bin. _ _ That Creusalinda will not know our house It is a penalty that has refused the invitation before exactly to receive it. At last, good bye, Creusalinda. _ _ Adeus said ton. _ _ Good bye, small dama said Sound. Creusalinda heard to everything; in fact, it was a farewell for all always, they would not come back and she would see never them again. Lie or truth, the girl not wise person, but wise person whom the possibility of living a great adventure was losing.