Cooperative Management

Do not let the ship sink we live together with someone for years and sometimes we discover that we did not know. It occurs to me that you generate people’s expectations and based on these prejudices, analyze, understand and agree. When you awake from the lethargy in which the comfort, pleasure, or otherwise kept us, is with another reality and it is precisely at this point is reached of no return, when the doubts begin to grow. We can not forget that it takes two to dance hit and both generate the rhythm, cadence or inconsistency. This observation helps us to not get out of the blame. We recognized that in love one of the major consequences that make a union that combines body and soul, is the admiration.

Irreplaceable factor in the composition of something as serious as it is, or may be the family or at least the couple. Starting a relationship and continue it without this additive, is perhaps the main cause of rift between the two. The love that we are willing to surrender to another being, supplanted in part some that affection (devotion) have you taught us to God and our partner which is favored due to his absence from the land. I could find in time that most couples are separated by the bad management in regard to sex, how men play at home, where most of the time unforgivable mistakes, such as excluding some small details, thinking selfishly, not give the right value to the person we are happy from dawn and continues until almost always. Still can not understand how this stage of the game, where the media have and have educational programs, when schools from the same primary, we talk of sex and sexuality.

There are still men who can not understand that sexuality is an act, almost religious, which in most animal species, is the male that is and should do the thousand and one stunt to attract, convince and then to please the female . At this point I recommend seeking out among the thousands of thousands of poets who speak love, choose one of the poems that most closely match their inclinations or desires and the assistance required to give the flickering of candles, a glass of wine or champagne at least once a week will declaim to love some of that feeling out of habit we tend to hold men in the basements of our minds and we rarely bask. I intimate that the enjoyment that comes from a satisfied female, has no parameters. That the neighbor’s yard is greener than ours, which is better known evil that good to know that the pleasures offered to share more delight than a selfish way we get from time to time. If we enter the wonderful world of sex and consider the event of the year, if we let time run off and not bother us and if leaving the pride aside, the couple consulted with their likes and dislikes, their dreams and its pleasures, no doubt, we will become better lovers and therefore we chose to obtain the high reward become more happy longer. So give your partner a chance, take the overall responsibility to save our relationship, lived with confidence, we respect the wishes and try to fly ours just as we pleased.