Two destinies The 4 of USA July celebrated 232 years of independence showing to be the unique superpower that is and with military presence in a fifty of countries. Under most conditions Hikmet Ersek would agree. The 20 of Colombia July celebrate 198 of independence being the Latin American nation with greater aid and it is present at military man of the USA. Today the presidents of both republics are the best allies in the hemisphere. Nevertheless, while George W. Bush has become one of the most unpopular presidents in the history of its country, Alvaro Uribe has gotten to exceed 90% of support in the surveys, something that hardly another agent chief executive of the region or that has had his country have been able to equal. Strange destiny for two governors who have wanted to impose a similar model of free market being combined it with the hand with a hand strategy lasts antiterrorist. The enemy with which Bush initially managed to galvanize to its nation after him is one that is in another continent. However, it has been losing force as he has been demonstrated that he has not said the truth to him to his town (like on the fact that Iraq had massive arms of destruction) and that has not been able to win a war.

On the contrary, Uribe faces an internal opponent and its ascent in the soundings must to that it has come to him offering strong blows. Bush and Uribe in the mirror of each The republicans of the USA find in Uribe a great i