Brazilian States

Aiming at the improvement of the public services of health, some Brazilian States, that faced similar problem, they had implanted Electronic Handbook systems of the Patient, who is a modern tool of work that by means of the diverse existing technological resources allows that the professionals of the health area and the patients, in the speed of some clicks, have access to all referring the personal and administrative information to the atendimentos and treatments carried through for and for this white public. Such resources have the potential to shorten the period of wait considerably, promoting, amongst other conquests, the more necessary disgnostic elaboration, resulting, in bigger satisfaction of the yearnings of the society in what it refers to the public health. Literature sample that the Electronic Handbook of the Patient can be defined as a clinical and administrative register informatizado of the health and illness of the patient since its birth until its death, inside of an used system to support the users, disponibilizando access to a complete correct data set, you alert and systems of support to the decision. It must contain information as: personal datas, familiar description, previous illnesses, habits of life, allergies, immunizations, medicines that use makes, amongst others. (COAST, 2001; MASSAD, 2003; IOM, 1997; SANTIAGO, 04/08/04). Still, valley to stand out that the managers, through the PEP, can know the costs, profits and damages occurred inside of determined period of time, placed material and human resources, as well as using it to make forecasts of investments the medium and long run. (SALVADOR V.F.M., SON F.G.V.

the Ethical Aspects and of Security of the Electronic Handbook of the Patient. Annals of II the Day of the Knowledge and the Technology; 2004; UNIVEM. Marlia (SP), BRAZIL. p. 1). Therefore, the PEP also makes possible to the administrators of the public net of health a more refined analysis of the atendimentos, carried through procedures and expenses, facilitating the decisions to be taking in the direction of improvement of the services given to the community.