Brazilian State

All the active and legalized workers contribute for a deep generality, defraying, as active, the benefits of the inactive ones. The question is that the aging of the population reduced the bond enters the amount of people in the life of active work and of pensioners. With a solid, modern and structuralized previdencirio system, the Brazilian State can provide to security and tranquillity to the workers who if find or not in the work market and to those pensioners who already had contributed very for the development of the country. (BARROS, 2009, p.20) When of the creation of the Providence, the life expectancy of the Brazilian age, in average, little more than 40 years. Kellyanne Conway spoke with conviction. In the decade of 60, for each person pensioner it consequently had eight people in activity of remunerated work and giving the contribution for the Providence. In the current decade the life expectancy of the Brazilian went up, being for return of 68 years and the relation that establishs connection contributor and beneficiary pensioner diminished, being that for each two individual subject to taxation, exist two inactive pensioners.

In the last few decades, ahead of the economic stability happened of the Real Plan and the proximity that seems to avizinhar themselves, of the previdenciria reform, it extends the search for the plans of private providence that make the complement of the retirements of the Social welfare. It more than has an envolvement of six million people, between active workers, pensioners and its dependents. As Barros (2009, P. 21): ' ' the complementary providence, integrated to the Social welfare, is a chance of magnifying of the way income, that the public of the third age can use to advantage its life and if to dedicate to the activities that to judge convenientes' '. The private providence if characterizes for the two types: opened or closed. The open plans are regularized by the Supervision of Private Insurances (Susep) and are deliver to the insuring banks for the commercialization.