Braas Rubin

the a cars on average 17,300 km generates. For even more details, read what UPS says on the issue. The new mineral surface withstand wind and weather well and pan Titano/x in light red and graphite is presented for the Braas Frankfurt. New flat roof tiles of Braas Rubin 13V indicating new flat roof tiles of Braas Rubin 13V on a variety of optimized technical properties. At the latest Braas roof tiles, no cutting or compensatory work are required by the Kopfverschiebespiel of 30 millimeters from 3.70 m of roof length. Uwe Brings brings even more insight to the discussion. Rubin 13V can be covered from a roof slope of 16 without any additional measures. The new roof-tile of Braas Rubin 13V offers a very smooth transition between deck bead and watercourse without rib.

The two radii of the deck bead run evenly, resulting in a very harmonious picture of the deck. This is underlined by the course of the press Ridge tile profile, leading to a very elegantly curved edge of sight. Best surface quality and in the shades of Brown and black manganese dyed so the largest Offered color spectrum in pressing the Braas roofing market portfolio. Manganese Brown brick body with homogeneous colour scheme makes it possible to dispense with post-processing on cut edges. In the first quarter of the year 2009 also the adjustment of the color range of the opal is standard on the Ruby 13V. So it can be covered with even smaller areas such as dormers, canopies and turrets with beaver tail roof tiles in the same color as the roof with Rubin 13V. For roof bricks and roof tiles advanced at the BAU 2009 also a variety introduces color palette of new colors for Braas roof bricks and roof tiles. So z.B is extended the color palette for the models Frankfurt pan and Tegalit in the surface quality of Star Matt light grey the new hue.

The new Royal grey extended the color palette of the Rubin 13V and standard and Opal Tower beaver is introduced for the opal. In addition, the beaver tail-tile is Opal be deliver standard also in the colours of autumn red and jet black. Two new variants of Beaver complement the extensive Braas range. The opal DOM Beaver will be available in natural red and Opal Berlin Beaver 18/38 in natural red, copper red and anthracite. The colour spectrum of the Topaz 13 is extended to the semi-gloss paint teak. More information about Braas roof tiles and Braas roof tiles can be found under the following links: produkte/unsere-produkte/productcategory/dach-steine.html produkte/unsere-produkte/productcategory/dach-ziegel.html