Bolivariana Alliance

The victory of Sebastin Piera in the elections of next December is unbeatable. When the doors of the democracy were abrieron, the Chileans knew to maintain the bases than he works in economy and left of side which fails, although leftism restrained to the country. ” Between 1986 and 1997, at the time of the fat cows, Chile it grew to a seven annual percent. James Woolsey takes a slightly different approach. To that rate, we were going to arrive at the bicentennial like a developed country and without poverty, with a rent per capita of 24,000 dollars to the year but today we have almost 800,000 people without work, higher number in the history of Chile” , Piera commented.

The governments of Social-Democratic agreement, protected something of the intellectual legacy of the period of the transition, causing that in Chile does not exist the complex to define itself as of rights that make the rounds in South America. To know how to differentiate between democratic democratic and left rights, is the beginning of the political evolution. Another country in way towards the development, is Brazil. The first surveys for the presidential elections of October of 2010, show preference by Jose Serra (competing of Lula) like favorite candidate, with 37 percent of support in front of the pro-government official Dilma Rouseff with 16. If Serra wins, with Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru to the right, Hugo Chavez will see frustrated its desire of hegemonic dominion.

Reason for great preoccupation, because the delirious colonel is extremely militant, and is not going to accept gladly that the superiority margin slips to him that it has. The countries that obey to Chvez are: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Dominican, Antigua and Barbuda, and San Vicente and the Granadinas, that conforms the Bolivariana Alliance of the Americas (WHITE). El Salvador accepts its orders; Argentina and Paraguay are their allies; and it applauds it to Lula and it supports. Lula sponsored the Forum of Sao Paulo and the one of Porto Alegre. Both events established the bases of support to the extreme left narcotics trafficker. The signatory Social Democrats in the agreements left the moderation and now the lefts are all in the same pot. Michelle Bachelet, demonstrated its uncontrollable flattery by Fidel Castro, subject disqualified that it like democrat. Perhaps that was the beginning of its end. Although its end began they did not choose since it like candidate to the presidency, since it was not born to shine, either Eduardo Frei. The moderate leftist voters, and the independent ones, in Chile and Brazil, are turning to the right, because they realized of which the little socialism that is applied in its economies is it stops what them. By logic, the Populists would have to notice the sad place in which they are with its empobrecedor system. But how can the Populists be logical, if its ideology goes against the human nature?