Bobcats Of First Wheel Excavator E55W

The wheel excavator E55W convince as new and used excavators which manufacturer Bobcat has produced its first wheel excavator with the 5.5-ton E55W. The E55W equipped with single tyres as standard allows a maximum digging depth of 3495 mm. Air conditioning, an overload warning device, a secondary auxiliary hydraulics and safety valves in the boom and Dozer blade hydraulics, which ensure that these components in a crack of cylinder line can not fall down, are standard equipment at the wheel excavators. Its performance characteristics such as lifting capacity, cycle times and swing torque ensures a good productivity at a low noise level. Driver comfort is given by a particularly spacious cabin and the ease of use.

The instrument panel indicates which operation the machine is just at a glance. The internal routing of the hydraulic line in the boom ensures optimal visibility on the workspace. The excavator along the driving lights on three Halogenschweinwerfer has two of them to work at night, most Boom and one in the cabin. Powerful, quiet air conditioning, the temperature, power and air flow direction are adjustable, with several air-jets distributed in the driver’s cab for a consistently stable temperature are responsible is also one of the standard equipment. The suspension lock more stiffness the carrier provides optimum stability. For optimal stability can be namely revoked the suspension via a button on the instrument panel and stiffened the chassis as a result.

Due to strong driving forces and the largest swing radius in its class, the E55W works efficiently in particular also on the slope. The electronic injection system improves fuel economy and reduces emissions as well as the noise of the engine. Also the automatic speed control supports the reduce of fuel consumption. Also features the excavator of cutting-edge technologies that make particularly convenient and easy maintenance, with practical checkpoints, allow particularly efficient work. Factory installable optional it is offered long spoon, twin tyres, the two bowls line and the protection plus warranty. The E55W, whether you are a new or used excavators, wheel excavators offers also a high tensile strength in conjunction with a hydraulic system on the latest state of the art – so is ensured even under difficult conditions for optimal performance. The electronic injection system regularly adjusts the amount of fuel that is injected to improve fuel economy, to reduce emissions and to keep the engine as quiet. The automatic speed control adjusts the engine when not operating the controls after a few seconds on the idle speed. As soon as one of the operating controls is activated, the engine starts immediately back to the previously set speed. Waiting due to computer-aided design techniques and the use of materials particularly robust, tested under extreme conditions and components of E55W with highest Reliability, which reflect themselves in very low operating costs indefinitely. Finite element simulations could be limited material fatigue and improves the strength and reliability of the boom as well as the stem of the spoon. The carriage is especially stable and robust designed for maximum reliability and durability. The Bobcat excavator sell well due to all of the benefits and provide an efficient machine customers due to the extensive standard equipment for its fleet.