Blog Seeks To Make Your Blog A Blog More Interactive To Get People Back To Your Site

You’re probably thinking that one of the ways to get people visiting your blog back is being constantly updated with fresh content and quality, and is absolutely true. But I want to tell you that there are other ways that people visiting your blog back to the, it is that you do your blog more interactive, give people the opportunity to express themselves, allowing to leave comments on your articles is a way to do it and you must do so. A good way to let your visitors to express their opinions in real time is that you include a chat in your blog, there is a free online service that allows you to put a chat on your blog is called PLUGOO. Its web address is, is also in Spanish, is very easy to use and go explaining you the procedure so that you can include the chat in your blog. Keith Yamashita might disagree with that approach. Returning to the point of making a little more interactive your blog, you can for example set a schedule on certain days of the week in which you will find online, to interact with your visitors in real-time. It occurs to me You can be online to resolve concerns, doubts, receive comments etc. Here you have a little care and not lose the main approach for which you’re online on your blog, because you might miss and use chat to things that they’re going to remove the time and is not going to leave anything of benefit. Now I wonder and would like me to leave your comments… Put a chat on your blog and do so a little more interactive worth? Advantages and disadvantages see you? Do you think that you may retain your readers and to return to your business blog? I hope your feedback regards Pedro Campuzano original author and source of the article.