Bathtub Repairs

When repairing a bathtub or the toilet will be carried out with his own hands, you will feel a considerable savings. You do not need to pay for the labor of wage workers, you will be able to determine on their own terms of work, to acquire the necessary materials. At the same time to perform the repairs necessary to have at least some knowledge in the field of repair, and be clear about the sequence of all stages of repair. How are you? The first thing you want to decide what you intend to see the results of operations. You plan to carry out major repairs of the bathroom or lavatory, which is matched by including the replacement and other plumbing tauleta or only cosmetic work? Must determine the cost to repair the bathroom and toilet completed, that you the strength to lay out. Finally, it should be truly appreciated their ability to bring the repair up to the end. When you do not believe that you the strength to do all the work qualitatively, it is better to turn to the masters. After all, the final price bathroom or bathroom renovation will end up costing many times more expensive when it was made in violation of building standards and the standards.

Step One: Demolition work on the first stage, you must be the dismantling of basic materials: ceiling and wall tiles, flooring, etc. You are cautioned that all building materials must be clean tidy. Because you can hurt or sewer pipeline that will produce a number of troubles. Step two: change the plumbing if your intention is to overhaul the toilet or bathroom, then soon you'll need to completely replace the plumbing in these areas. At this stage it is best to also dismantle all the pipes in the bathroom and electrical wiring. Step Three: Finishing the walls and ceiling must be trained to make the ceiling and wall for the final finish.