Bach Flower Remedies

Cigarettes do not stop being tranquilizers. They reduce a variety of uncomfortable sensations. Resorts to cigarettes in order to relax, calm down, even to give a breath of energy. They also provide a sense of security and protection. There are proposed medical to quit smoking based on strong drugs that work as a substitute for nicotine. In turn, alternative medicine, offers a wide variety of different paths based on breathing, meditation, therapy with energies. Regarding our proposal with the Bach flower remedies I’ll start by saying that, although it is extremely advisable helpful, accompany the traditional medicine with these remedies to neutralise the emotions, never consider the Bach flowers as a replacement for traditional medicine. Both work in different ways.

(Touring our site will have an idea about our philosophy and method of work). Unlike traditional medication, resorting to the Bach flowers in order to quit smoking is a work of exploration, force to a stance triggered by the subject. Otherwise, while you will perceive a decrease in tensions, there is no guarantee the breaking of the habit. Firstly, to give with the fair flower essence, each individual will have to investigate in the area of their emotions. Need to detect emotion (s) (s) underlying that induce it to find a cigarette and that, in turn, will give an idea of the floral essences that will prove useful and effective for him.

We must not forget that the essences are the emotions remedies therefore, they will aim to neutralize their emotions. But first you must find out which of them is the main cause of dependency in a given individual. This is not equal for everyone. Different emotions can come as a result of loneliness, of feeling empty or lack of sense, by rejection, fears or insecurities, jealousy, by fury, by envy, by feelings of abandonment, of inferiority, frustration, by excess of enthusiasm, by lust for power, by need to flee This circumstance, by delusions of greatness, etc.