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Then, for confidentiality, you can use almost any of the existing dlp solutions – Virtually all of these solutions intercept all possible ways to steal information. The only problem is the use of exotic file formats (for analysis of the contents of the file the product should "Know" its format). There are two basic types of dlp solutions by the method of work: The agency decision (when the workstations of employees established a special agent); Solutions that work at the site of exchange information (eg, gateway, internet access). The advantages of agency decisions are made that overlap all the way information theft, including portable media, and those programs communicators who use encryption (for example, skype). However, this method is not without flaws – on the user's need to create a trusted environment (otherwise the agent will simply be discharged by an attacker).

In addition, agents exist almost exclusively by the operating system, Microsoft, that does not suit all. In dlp solutions that work at the site of exchange of information there are other drawbacks – not "on the fly" parse encrypted traffic, and (for example, traffic may skype only control Agents DLP) will either have to take that risk, or to use other measures (including purely organizational) to ban such communications. Also, a DLP-solution is obviously not able to control using flash-disks and similar media. In the case of an agency dlp solutions, service, information security is necessary to compile a list of confidential information and places of its storage and install the software on employee workstations.

German Internet Today

He he had statistics at hand, how long various media have used to generate worldwide 50 million users: the radio 38 years, television 13 years, four years, the iPod three years Internet and Facebook only or two years. “” In his presentation about the exponential age “he answered the question, successfully work such as marketing and brand communications in today’s digital world: prepare a relevant story as experience and agile produce and communicate.” “What is not the end of the print media but for him: they had probably the best days ahead” according to the motto less weight and higher quality. Florian Festl, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of focus online predicted print, radio and television will go on in the Internet”, in contrast to this in his lecture on journalism in the age of mobile. The journalist today had a multiplayer”be declared Falor. He further pointed out the extreme increase in the mobile calls “” by messages and no longer sees the future in mobile first “, but even in mobile only”.

Focus online be this well positioned”and today according to and Spiegel Online the number 3 in the German Internet news business. “There are no limits to the imagination”: with these words, Dr. Andreas KRAUSHAAR opened his lecture on the topic of 3D printing: principles, techniques, and opportunities “. The prepress technology supervisor at the FOGRA Forschungsgesellschaft Druck E.v. can determine hardly any other industry in the 3D printing is not suitable; This stand at the beginning of development. The extremely exciting technology leave plenty of room for creativity, give still reason for discussions, for example about potential danger (the fully functional weapon out of the 3D printer) or on the protection of intellectual property. Those present were fascinated by examples, what today everything from the 3D printer can get: the screw about clothes and a cell phone to the human ear and to a car…

Center Parcs Bispinger Heide Bungalow Park

Only through active presence on Google +, Pinterest, and Twitter hotels might their digital Dramatically increase visibility. In the end it comes online by the target group to be found and to leave the desired digital fingerprint”, so Jaber further. The hotels vary in visibility in the Google search engine. It consults the visibility index, for example, achieve Center Parcs Bungalow Park Hochsauerland ‘ and Center Parcs Bispinger Heide Bungalow Park’ with a value of 7.22 of the highest score, while ‘Sofitel Munich Bayerpost’ has a value of 0. Considered one other online factors such as blog and newsletter customer loyalty is, that dominate the hotel chains at the expense of individuality of the individual hotels: 72 percent of the hotels use a single newsletter of the hotel chain, whereas only 20 percent offered an own newsletter. On the subject of hotel blog, there are only eight percent of the hotels, which lead to an individual blog.

Positive on that hotel apps gain increasing importance for the hotels. So, 63 percent of the hotels offer a hotel chain app. The same image is reflected in the Locationportalen: most hotels are represented at least at a Locationportal. The largest share of two portals is represented by 31 percent. Only four per cent can be found on any of the portals. To download the overall rankings of the 100 best-selling hotels in Germany, as well as detailed study results with pictures and graphics to download you will find under: l/social-media-hotel-online-marketing-studie.html press contact Stefanie Jarantowski Managing Director / CEO eventsofa T + 49 30 7677 5150 on eventsofa eventsofa is the marketplace for event locations on the Internet. On, event organisers will find over 6,000 locations in Germany, which can be booked for business or pleasure. Behind the Berlin online startup is a broad network with specialists from the fields of event, online marketing and technology. Founder Stefanie Jarantowski worked in the event and PR industry for many years and has the necessary experience and knowledge of the interfaces.

Berlin Illustrator Sophia Halamoda

In the age of globalization and global networking, a decisive factor for the international success of companies has become the intercultural communication. The language is built in bridges can collapse these but just as well. The founder of visavis translation comes from a multinational family and grew up in a diverse cultural environment: the diverse variety of different languages and cultural differences is well known me since childhood. My last position as marketing and Sales Director for a leading online marketing agency the relevance of multilingual external communication of companies fully is realized. Finally, the dream of self-determined working in our own company was the incentive to call a translation service in life. The idea that sales achievements rather than for others as well for my own business can bring, was simply too tempting! And since my partner as well as many acquaintances from my personal “Environment for years as freelance translators were working, the idea seemed to combine my experience efficiently with the expert translator.” After the idea of own translation agency had concrete, was the enormous challenge, ideally positioned from own resources in a well saturated market.

Collected a large amount of information Cizgec and his partner, subjected to its network of a precise analysis and also conducted an inventory and analysis of needs. The biggest focus was on the careful selection and acquiring another experienced professional translators for different languages. Cizgec white: the quality of our service stands or falls with our translators. Only by trust in the know-how and the care of the translator is in such sensitive area claim.”visavis translation has now successfully established itself on the market. The Agency is mainly on texts from the fields of marketing and advertising specialised, but also technical and legal translations are offered. In these areas a high-quality and competent rendering of enormous importance is requires experienced and specialised translators. A good personal contact with its employees is very important Cizgec. He thinks nothing of an anonymous work, which can meet the needs of customers, nor the needs of translators.

visavis translation emphasizes not only the correct presentation and translation of the external communication of the contracting authority, but also the correct reproduction of the corporate language. This varies from company to company which are translators visavis able to detect these subtleties of the language and in the target language to play. Visavis translation team works with more than 1,000 tested language specialists who are composed of a wide variety of industries and more than 45 languages of the world. Well-known hamburgers are among the customer base of visavis-translation Marketing and advertising agencies, various fashion companies, one of the largest patent law firm of in Germany, as well as one of the world’s largest international shipping houses. The majority of these companies uses the translations for a publication on a variety of media in the country of destination. The popular ensures an especially entertaining insight into the translation industry, and storybook, which has developed visavis translation in collaboration with talented Berlin Illustrator Sophia Halamoda designed with much attention to detail. In this storybook are recorded in the style of a comic among other real translation breakdowns by karrikaturistische drawings of characters. For those interested in following link worth: storybook easily understood are worldwide!


Complete new development by itl, the existing docbook5-xml version as a new application in FrameMaker was ported and adapted to the requirements of the layout from Uniserv. The company Uniserv uses including an open source software produced by Talend open data solutions for their products to the data, application, and business process integration. This open source software is integrated into the Uniserv’s own products, which is why the supplied documentation must be adapted by the editors at Uniserv. For this reason a modified docbook application in FrameMaker has been used, based on the supplied documents could be processed. Meanwhile the documentation provided by Talend as docbook5-xml is provided. Since the existing docbook application in FrameMaker on docbook 4.1.2 is based and the transition to docbook5-xml extensive changes required would have made, was the task of itl is to adapt the existing docbook application that docbook5-xml processing is possible without any problems. A short test revealed that a complete New development is easier than an adaptation of the existing docbook application.

Therefore, itl, ported the current docbook5-xml version as a new docbook application in FrameMaker and adapting it to the specific layout requirements of Uniserv documents. In the core, all of the more than 400 docbook5 elements were taken over. However, appropriate text format rules were deposited only for the used items. An extension is possible at any time without problems. The XSLT-pre – and post-processing of the standard docbook enhanced version was also completely redesigned and adapted to docbook5-xml, so the xml output in programs other than FrameMaker can be edited easily.

Comparison of Internet Pharmacies

Why should we can not order any medication on the Internet? Of course you should compare the different mail-in advance. For years we have persuaded the traditional pharmacies fear. Lack of consultation, lack of prudence in the allocation of drugs and not least the time of delivery. Who several times in the Apotehke had there not equal to one drug in stock to pick up, park and got time problems, also knows that going to the nearest pharmacy tricky. We order across all age groups now, almost everything on the Internet. The Internet pharmacy is a good supplement to traditional pharmacy, if not an alternative.

For example, chronically ill patients receive their prescription from their doctor in time. You order at the Internet pharmacy of their choice and send the recipe in the mail. It ensures that non-prescription drugs fall into the wrong hands. Usually two days after receipt of the prescription in the Internet pharmacy is the mission of the purchaser at home, without having to leave the house must be in wind and weather. Often, the Drugs cheaper also, and most Internet pharmacies to send postage free on presentation of a recipe. The Internet pharmacies also offer nutritional supplements, cosmetics and accessories, like any other pharmacy and also often offer special offers that are also worth browsing. Just the same as in the familiar pharmacy, but to any day or night. Many Internet pharmacies you can just provide detailed information with a link on the side of the pharmaceutical producer or manufacturer of the drug, which aids or cosmetics. At the sales counter can not be any pharmacy staff as fully informed about all the details. That is another advantage.

Wedding Business

Marketing research related to weddings, continues declaring like good business, especially for companies that has created to provide services that she demands, that is multiple and involves investments, that of knowing how them to manage, to administer without sacrificing a good service, she generates good dividends. The English Rebeca Mead on it exposes, that the growth of the industry of the weddings is not confined either to the western countries. It follows the trajectory of good global winds, and it is possible to be found wherever the economic growth is creating opportunities for careful public declarations of estatus, often, just acquired. India, for example, produced a new middle-class of substantial dimensions: they are near 300 million people who, on the other hand, generated an industry of wedding of 11,000 million dollars that has grown to a rate of near a 25% to the year. A Hindu wedding typical hill at the moment near 34,000 dollars before the dowry. Between rich, the event can reach 2 million dollars. The commercial centers dedicated to the fiance’es are arising by all the country, and the creditors offer exclusive loans for the event.

Comparable Japan and China also have experienced booms. The certain thing, that it has appeared a book on this written subject, exactly, by Rebecca Mead a perfect day: the sale of the American wedding One perfect day: the selling of the American wedding. On it it comments, the bulletin Universia Knowledge Wharthon, that exactly of agreement with Mead, the industry of the weddings in the USA surpasses the 161,000 million annual dollars an enormous post that shows not only as the weddings have become a great business, but also in a great fantasy. When the people spend enormous sums to crown of success the day of their marriage, they are buying, in fact, a set of the most expensive ideas that they communicate, of implicit form, which would be a perfect wedding.


Unambiguous answer to the question – you can earn. Another thing – how to make money. What is called for the rustle of nuts do not want to work nobody, not even protein – and she needs to touch the walnut legs and one s in his teeth. Freelancer – the same protein, seeking the nuts. Protein from morning till night, runs through the forest in search of hickory. When the nut is found, it lacks the first got a nut, and carefully chooses the one that is bigger, no spots rot, hard-shell.

Shorter speaking, the highest quality. After that drags him into the hollow, protecting fans from other nuts. Freelancer should do the same. We first wanted 'nut' – freelance site, where they were offered jobs just to freelancers. Then follows a choice: jobs, project.

Freelancer who wants to earn, is not limited to applying for one project, for one vacancy, he examines and sniffs everything that is offered at his specialty. A good freelancer knows the same thing, and protein – not all equally edible nuts, and not all projects can get to work. Therefore, we must examine (leave application) the greatest possible number. Should not be considered the result of Freelancer, how the money had fallen from the sky. Just so no one gives money, so you should evaluate their work adequately. Communicate – 'I am ready to undertake this work under any conditions "- is not value yourself, your skills diminish their work. In addition, customers are wary of such statements. If a person is willing to work on any terms, maybe he's just a loser? Or the quality of his work is extremely low? Such employees are not wanted. To earn a freelance, you must be an expert in your field. Real specialist. Witless protein remain hungry, a freelancer who does not possess expertise in their field, and will not be able to earn. No one has yet paid to anyone, simply because people really want to get the money. Freelance – work hard, which requires responsibility, discipline, knowledge and skills. If you want to become a freelancer, then remember: you have to work the same way both online, only better. And then you will visit customers and income.

Missiology 09

In this second part of the Missiology course, we had to listen to the classes of Professor Cesar Leclere. Specialist in church documents, the us spoke of several documents that underpin the Mission in the Church. Eye this is not copied some text has been written, but transcripts of tape recordings of live classes. Maximund Illud apostolic letter of Benedicto XV, 1919 November 30 is the first in the modern era on the propagation of the Catholic faith in the whole world, and there is a great concern of the popes, and stroke back, and goes on giving importance to this essentiality of the Church. It is the nature of the Church, being a missionary, and they go to work a the Ecclesiology, and is a first modern document on missions. It is also called the Magna Carta, large letter, highest card. Missionary also draws many theological, pastoral and spiritual guidelines in the field.

Especially in it find a first outline of what will be or will be called: the Missiology historical, theological, pastoral, right, and spirituality of the mission. The Pope has the merit of having raised tempers of the Christian community immediately after the first world war. The fervor missionary that is at the same time index and encouragement of the document missionary. It was the beginning of the century of missions. It is a difficult time for the war. At the same time there is a missionary fervor.

The entire Church is involved in this fervor. What is the merit of this document? It consists of chart guidelines that would be later evangelism guidelines. There are several aspects that points out it in its index. And even today they are still priority. Documents that Pope Juan Paul II today, has done picked up what this letter. There is a preparation, attention, and permanent training of the missionaries.

What You Want To

Do you know what you want? That if I ask tell me that Yes, you know what you want. Probably my tell you want to be happy. What grace, that says either. But if I ask that you define (and write) in detail what is be happy for you, are not able neither to write the first word. We live with our mind set on many desires, what we should ask ourselves is if they are desires. If you wonder, probably to discover that most of them have been imposed you from the outside, your parents, the school, the cure (or Rabbi, the same da), media, etc and your own desires? That you don’t know what are. They have domesticated us so, that we have forgotten our true desires, those who there us the soul. Moreover, we do not even dare to say to ourselves about what we want.

They made us believe that they are fantasies, abstract dreams. And we have believed us. But it is not. Our desires are quite lawful. Our desires are our essence.

Forget our desires is forget who we are. It is the worst of betrayals, ourselves. I propose a game, sit down and start to write everything that you want. Read the list the next day and corrected if necessary. Again read the corrected list the next day. Do this exercise daily. I bet double against simple, that after one month, your list will have changed completely, but is not to worry, because that will mean that you’ve been looking inwardly and rediscovering what you really want. And perhaps even begin to give you desire to realize them. Do this exercise, it is fascinating, you’ll be in the start plan your life as you dream it when you were small to, until you pollute with desires of others. So we are, as we can, building our reality. Original author and source of the article.