The Citadel

The city of Barcelona is preparing for the second edition of the Barcelona Fashion Week to be held in the Parc de la Ciutadella from 5 to 7 March. In this space filled with the magic of the brothers Fontsere and Gaudi, De Boer will be responsible for the temporary construction of one of the most important fashion events in the city. Once again, De Boer demonstrates their professionalism in the most prestigious national events in meeting any need for temporary housing for corporate events. Covering the area of fashion after the disappearance of Gaudi walkway, the general direction of 080 (named for the zip code of Barcelona), is responsible DemoFashion Mustaros Vicenc and with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the City of the city that aspire to position Barcelona as an independent fashion.

The event will feature fashion shows of designers, among which receive special attention of Thierry Mugler, to be elected by an international jury. For this occasion particular, De Boer Delta build a structure 15 x 50 m where the parades take place. If you would like to know more then you should visit Warren Kanders. Apart from a Party Alu 5 x 32 m to house the catering and shop Alu Hall 10 x 40 m will be destined to backstage where the models were prepared for the parade. With this third event so far in 2008, De Boer Spain, confirms their privileged position within the event temporary housing sector. The Parc de la Ciutadella park’s history dates back to 1716, when Philip V ordered the construction of Europe’s largest citadel in order to protect the city.

Later, General Prim won the Citadel to knocking the city of Barcelona between 1869 and 1888. In 1888, during the Universal Exposition, the park was built imitating the design of the Parque de Luxembourg in Paris. Currently, the Ciutadella Park houses several museums, the Parliament of Catalonia and the Zoo..

Greece Properties

The cost of housing increases by at least 4-5% per year and the market situation is mainly determined by the foreigners. It is convenient to buy real estate on the coast, where the value of land depends on its distance to the sea. You can buy a villa finished, but more profitable to order construction. Book building profitable. You have the advantage to choose the site and type, to achieve the best results will be done the design, which will consider all suggestions and well as framing and hardware. Design is carried out in accordance with the provisions of construction, which allowed in a given area.

A prerequisite for the construction of a permit. Better construction site to request a construction company. On the whole construction period is provided by installments. Construction costs on average 1500 euros / sqm Building a house is usually a year. The procedure for buying real estate in Greece is not complicated.

But there are restrictions such as no citizen of Greece in the border zones of the country, the purchase is not allowed. The property drawn to the implementation of notarial acts, where the buyer should get a room Tax Authority. In order to purchase real estate must submit documents: passport. The number received in Greece. Once the property is elected, the contract is concluded and carried a prepayment of at least 10%. The basic agreement is signed by a notary. A real estate agent, who must be present at the signing of the contract. In addition, make sure the presence of a lawyer. Lawyer checks the documents. costs depend on the property values and brings them a buyer. Treaty shall be registered in the Register of real estate, and then the buyer enters into e right of tenure. To obtain a loan, there are strict rules: alien must live in Greece and to pay taxes or have a guarantor – a citizen of Greece. In the course of the month you can get a loan. Construction companies in Greece the practice of issuing loans through their financial structure. In Greece, taxes, paid by the buyer. The cost of the contract. Attorney's fees – 1% of property value. Notary fees – 1%. Tax on property rights – 11% of the cost. Municipal taxes – 3%. Join in the mortgage registry – 0,5%. Since 2006 property is subject to taxation. Tax is paid on the basis of the difference between the value of property, and its market value. The tax rate is proportional to the time spent by the owner of property rights. Thus, the smaller object was in possession, the highest tax rate.


Such built-up in no other city on the Volga: crowded, small space between the Volga and Lysogirs'kyi plateau. For this reason, Railroad paved in the last century in the city rather than outside it, as in Samara or Simbirsk. And it was in the city of two rivers: the great Russian and rail. You may wish to learn more. If so, Frank Armijo is the place to go. If from the first fit and cool, then from the second – the noise, electromagnetic radiation, fumes and vibration. Moved to the south, along the cliff to Altynov Bald Mountain. Before us Factory, the former Stalinist area. Do not favor its citizens.

And why? If you remove it from the factory, rails, pipes, beams, it is will be the best place in Saratov. Crimea and only! Mountains and water are nearby. On south-facing slopes – warm and sunny. But as thou hast gathered in industrial monsters – gea aircraft factory, 'Nitron', 'Cracking', CHP-2? They were placed along the Volga in the best locations. And where Who ever heard of in an ideal location for a residential development site – a vast area of almost 300 hectares in the Volga – was located outside a housing estate and a beautiful park, and test aircraft factory airfield? We are, in Saratov So best in the landscape and aesthetic sense of the Volga basin in the 30-40-ies of lawn and garden became a metal-petrochemical. 'City for the plant and not plant for the city' – such was the motto of urban development in those years. That sprung up around factories working settlements – settlements, and many samostroy clinging to the slopes and along the beams.

Moscow Business

During a press conference marking the 20 th anniversary of small business in Moscow, the head of department to support and develop small businesses Vyshegorodtsev told about priority directions of development of small business capital. According to the minister, in general, small business capital is aging. Youth instead of mastering the basics of business and the subsequent desire to earn his first million, chooses the path of an official or manager. That is why the main task for this year is to support and develop youth entrepreneurship. Jeff Gennette has many thoughts on the issue. According to M. Vyshegorodtseva, 20 years ago it was easier to open your own business and succeed in it than now. After country was in the era of total deficit, so trade was sverhpribylnym affair.

In addition, there was no such fierce competition among small businesses. The minister noted that even now remains the main trade business for business – it accounts for 60% of the total number of small businesses. In this connection M. Vyshegorodtsev noted that a second area of activity will be the development of industrial enterprises – especially in innovation. Get more background information with materials from Warren Kanders. He stressed that economic capital is particularly important companies that produce products with high added value.

'While there are difficulties – lack of production facilities "- said Minister, adding that all these problems will be solved. Housing and utilities are also included in the list of priorities for enterprise development. M. Vyshegorodtsev reminded that this year the budget 'reserved' 120 billion rubles in the urban order, which is to be master exclusively for small businesses.

Property Valuation, Approaches

Paramount importance assessment of the property has the solution to invest in commercial real estate finance, the estimate is carried out. At this time, the main common types of evaluation is to estimate precisely commercial real estate, which includes the assessment of property rights or other rights. But an independent assessment of the property is, in fact, the definition of its current value. Professional experts are usually offered services real estate appraisals of several key species. So, we can assess the commercial real estate, commercial and evaluate commercial real estate office, real estate appraisal warehousing, real estate appraisal industrial and other real estate.

During the real estate valuation takes into account the size of income, risk and time associated with his receipt. An assessment of commercial property takes into account the many Other factors influencing the ability of commercial property, which estimate is carried out to generate income. Further details can be found at Allison Kanders, an internet resource. Based assessment of the property is on three main approaches: cost, revenue and comparative. Making real estate appraisal, property analysis, the location of commercial real estate, commercial real estate environment, the appraiser determines the market value of a particular commercial real estate assessment which he conducts. For the evaluation of the commercial real estate appraiser uses a variety of assessment approaches within each of which there are many of their original assessment methods. General There are three main approaches to the assessment of income-generating real estate: cost, comparison (market) and yield. Costly method of assessing real estate answers the question: how today is to build this building commercial real estate? A comparative approach to determining market value takes into account what price would be sold at any given time a property, determine the market value of which this case. In the case of real estate assessment value is the main income approach.

Services appraiser can not be avoided in many cases. In fact, professional assessment of commercial property needed for any deal with real estate. A report on the assessment of commercial real estate is a legal document required for obtaining a loan and the organization of the company. Pay attention to the fact that the assessment of commercial property can implement only a professional appraiser.

Investigation Department

Fraudsters profit from human misfortune, you should put a hard barrier. Government should take comprehensive measures to avoid occurrence of such cases. I think, Minsk City Council with support from relevant bodies will, as a finish building or to pay these interest-holders 500. Report to the end of summer! " Some of the defrauded real estate investors embraced the word as a head of state command authorities executive power to solve their problem or the provision of flats, or money. In an extreme case, they hoped to get a soft loan at 5% per annum. And then it turns out that before the end of summer left nothing, and clarity not actually observed.

Moreover, as reported at the meeting, Alexander Hornet, is currently preparing a draft decision the Council of Ministers of concessional lending only to those defrauded real estate investors who are registered in need of improvement of housing conditions or have sold homes and have no other housing, or have family members with disabilities. Thredup is likely to agree. Such, according to preliminary data, typed about a hundred people of 493 victims. But the head of state said, 'Settle' with everyone! 'How are you going to solve this problem? How will you report to the president? "- Asked someone from the audience at Alexander Dovgalo. 'Report back, as expected, will give an objective picture of affected citizens' – said the official. And then he got on his word comment: "If, before the presidential election you do nothing, then after the election you will forget about us." So what do the authorities offer capital defrauded real estate investors? About 127-apartment house 17 in Rock Hill district-5, and 50 apartments on contracts to create objects of shared construction of apartment house 21 in Masyukovschine-5, ordered the construction of which is the gap 'Minskstroy'. In therefore believe that the construction of residential houses in the neighborhood Rock Hill should be carried out through among 'defrauded real estate investors "in accordance with paragraph 7 of the Regulation on organization of developers, approved by decree of President of Belarus from 28.01.2008 43. The inclusion of citizens from among the 'defrauded real estate investors' in these cooperatives, in our opinion, should be on the list, compiled by gs 'JRT' agreed with the administration Frunze district of Minsk, the management of housing policy and the Investigation Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee a preliminary investigation Minsk police '. That is, it turns out that today the total amount of city hall is ready help only 280 victims.

About the rest, too, promised not to forget, but has accumulated new problems. For example, for one-bedroom apartments, at number 36 of only 16, but applications already received 96. What should I do? In general, how much victims, so many problems. And only the president knows how to solve them all at once. But not all officials agree with him.

Money Safe

Just as when we ask for a mortgage to a financial institution we analyzed without mercy, before deciding whether or not we are worthy of such privilege, now we must of do exactly the same. Ratios used by entities to “judge” are: Debt ratio: capacity to repay the loan each month thanks to our income.The situation is ideal for entities that destine between 30 and 40 of our income to pay the fees of the loans we have. Ratio of valuation: soundness that we have before our debt in the event of default. What gives our heritage, our housing normally. The situation is ideal for entities that the loan is between 60 and 80 of the value of our house. If we fail to meet these ratios, we will not even say good morning. Western Union: the source for more info. That’s so we accept without question. And if we require a guarantee, because what we seek. Can we get revenge in some way Yes, I’ll explain. Recently, JP Morgan has published a very interesting graph, studying the country’s largest financial institutions in terms of two ratios: TIER 1: Refers to the ratio (in percentage) between own funds (comprising capital and reserves) against the value of liabilities faced by the entity for its operations.The lower the ratio the greater dependent externoa funding and deposits from customers. Delinquency: the ratio that reflects the of loans more than 3 unpaid assessments.A ratio greater than 3 or 4 should be very worrying. The graph is this: See where this CCM (intervened), but is accompanied by Caixa Catalunya, Caja Madrid and Bancaja. So if you have money to get or already involved in some form of savings product as the entities think they would vosotrs, coldly and without feeling. NO MONEY IN YOUR GOALS HIGH RISK INSTITUTIONS LISTED And thinks the others may have lied in their data. What to do I give you options: Investment funds are unrelated to the bankruptcy of entities for their diversification and that there is independent control over them.

Apartment Search Agency

Apartment owners who choose to surrender the apartment itself, and not through real estate agency, do not do it in good faith to save your money on agency commissions, and for the reason that they wanted to rent an apartment for rent without signing a tenancy agreement / lease premises with the tenant. In this case, homeowners can behave as you wish: to raise the rent during the year are claimed by you in an apartment without warning and in your absence, etc. Apartment Search rent through a reliable agency for rental housing: a fast, easy, safe and certainly not free. 2. The choice of rental agencies: a large well-known real estate agency or a highly specialized agency for rent housing? Currently, the market rent is actively developing. Among the real estate agencies there is much competition. Each agency is fighting for the Customer to its methods. Warren Kanders shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Major real estate agencies in the main "take Customer "of its popularity," name ", but on the Internet found a lot of feedback that a poor-quality services no responsibility they carry. Sue on "shark business" has almost no sense – spend more nerves, time and money, and the result probably will not get anywhere. Also on the Moscow real estate market active unfurled a small highly specialized agencies, which have mediation services are available only for hire, lease of residential property. Among the small agencies in rental housing is important to distinguish the good from the agency "is not very good" or firm-by-night.

The Flag

The most effective combination with the rail, thunder, ricochet, Twins. Mammoth – this mastodon incredibly clearance and slow. It is necessary to sit down for this building arrives as a rail. If you would like to know more about Crawford Lake Capital, then click here. Mammoths primary targets for enemy snipers and even in the dm all try to fill up the mammoth, and then at each other. Armor mammoth can withstand up to 5 m3 of rail, but slow housing gives it clear that you can forget about flags and boxes with crystals. Modernization is unbelievably expensive! Dimensions of the tank greatly disturb and compel the enemy to attack only on the forehead and nothing else.

As for playing style then there are 2 way. An honest sit in the defense under the guise of a doctor, and kill horenty broken through? Vikings and dictators. 2 to eat a full set of consumables and single-handedly bear the flag and along with the entire team or the enemy of all players on the map. Housing perfect balance with all kinds of weapons, and only a mammoth with a flamethrower makes me smile. Thunder, rikosht and friezes. If we compare these types of weapons then we can immediately combine the thunder from a ricochet and a frieze abstracted from them. Freese actually is only interesting when you play on horente.

New paint cutoff rate of protection against him making it ineffective. Frieze long time recovering, that will not let you kill more than 2 tanks. Freese has no recoil, so that is also a very serious drawback. Tactics of use – freezing, and keep away from the trunk. Cancel freeze flamethrower, frustrating. The only thing frieze irresistible – stop flaganostsev. In general, this team weapon, but Points will not bring it to you. Thunder – a formidable and effective weapon. This barrel can completely replace your favorite rail! He was accurate, but it is not necessary. You do not have a close enough aiming to get somewhere close, the thunder is capable of bring down the sight, you can kill yourself for a moment before his death on Isis, you can get your enemy even if he had taken refuge, you can beat just a whole group goals. This is an incredibly effective and useful weapon. The disadvantages are the only inconvenience in parkour. Also owners of thunder often quickly find a common language in the dm. Ricochet. When this gun only came it was natural, “Mr “. Now he has increased the plasma and ammunition, he became the most powerful kind of weapons, but also the most expensive. Ricochet allows you to comfortably parkour and occupies a unique firing positions. Weapons are very powerful but has some serious shortcomings. 1 Airspeed charge 2 is problematic self-destruct with his using a 3 samouron still have 4 limited ammunition 5 damage only 1 goal. 6 limited range of charge In general, this type of weapon deserves attention, but are you prepared to pay for a barrel with disabilities? I’m ready! After all, even Mammoths are not able to survive after prolonged contact with the rebound! Unique firing positions can be fired and go unpunished! And shooting at the wall will bring an extra ten points for the next kil at no cost health. In the end, my advice on pumping sounds. Downloading horent, paint it, rikosht and thunder, you can still viking, if you want action. The rest is garbage, or require injections reals.

Distance Learning

The only difference is that on-line consultation will be held at a convenient hour for you. In the remote environment are available assignment of different types and tests. That show your progress in the mode of on-line. Myth 7. (Source: Governor Cuomo). When on-line learning discipline and poor organization chart. Responsible for the discipline and work schedule – only you.

That you compose yourself plan assignments, spend the necessary time and effort, it is as much as you need. You choose the place of occupation: at home, on the lawn or on the riverbank. Agree that this is much more convenient! Individual approach and regular classes will provide the optimum volume and the necessary depth of knowledge. Education will not interfere with your work, personal and social life! Myth 8. On-line training is expensive. Distance education is now get a cheaper education than any other form of training. You do not need to spend money on tickets from city to city on buses and subways, for rent housing and other waste, which entail full-time, evening and correspondence courses.

You are doing on-line, pay directly for information and help tutor. Myth 9. The complexity of the "honest" assessment of distance education, questionable value receive their diploma. Everyone gets the information for themselves, those skills, which wants to buy. Education is necessary for ourselves. Honesty certification depends on your integrity. You yourself are building their lives. In your best interest to pay for knowledge, not the crust. You may defend assessment and confirm their knowledge. The basis of distance learning process has state standards for higher education, the requirements of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of 06.05.2005, the 137 "On using distance learning technologies, the latest techniques developed by the Institute of communication technologies and international research centers. Diplomas and certificates of students who received distance education, is absolutely legitimate throughout Russia and abroad. Myth 10. Distrust of the organizers of the training process. Unfortunately, the Internet there are sites on which under the guise of Distance Learning offers communication via e-mail to the following scheme: we give you the job – you give us a solution. Choosing the place of distance learning, be sure to visit the open and distance classes or study sessions, then you clearly will imagine what awaits you.