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Knowing Puente del Inca: Mendoza tourism for those who love for the story those who wish to spend their holidays in the high mountains, will not have difficulty in getting a hotel in Mendoza in the area of Uspallata, one of the destinations most interesting of the Argentina Republic. This town provides plenty of extremely interesting, brimming with places of natural beauty, where you can see the testimony of ancient peoples who inhabited the region, such as the Inca and the huerpes. One of the most incredible sites is the Puente del Inca. This rock formation is called so because it was part of the route of the Inca is the course that these peoples followed its progress South of the American continent. It’s a natural bridge over the Las Cuevas River, at more than 27 m in height.

His training originated in the natural erosion of the River on the stone, over 2700 m above sea level. This natural connection unites Grama North and Grama South Hills, and constitutes the main entrance to the National Park of Aconcagua. For the scholars of the geology in the area can see stalactites of strange colors due to inflorescence of calcium, a mineral that is abundant in the place. Here, Areva Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Projecting the Orange, yellow and ochre. It is a place rich in thermal waters.

In this town there are only 132 inhabitants, although you can find the complete tourist infrastructure. Those who want to visit this incredible place won’t have problem in finding accommodation or sites for camping. Learn more at this site: amit paley. You can see the ruins of the Inca Bridge Hotel, which was built in 1925 as remnants of a glorious past. This lavish hotel had a thermal bath in each room. In 1905 an avalanche destroyed it completely. Leaving standing only a small chapel… The legend says that the heir to the inca throne was extremely ill, finding himself completely paralyzed. Though doctors of the tribe tried to alleviate the health of the young, the sages told him could only achieve reset if bathed in a spring which was very far from home. Neither short nor lazy inca assembled an expedition to find this mythical arroyo. They were finally to give with the Las Cuevas River. The warriors who accompanied the King formed a human bridge so the father could take your child to the healing water. Once he had crossed, he turned to thank his men, but he saw that had been turned into stone, forming the mentioned bridge. When the young man immersed himself in these waters, miraculously regained his health. You also recover their health spending your next vacation in Mendoza, the land of Sun and wine.