Are Heat Pumps A Viable Alternative?

With a heat pump costs and relieve the environment the choice of heating system for your own four walls has become far-reaching consequences. For the environment and for your own wallet. EuroAmericana Inc. is actively involved in the matter. Because long gas and oil boilers are entered in addition to the classic heating systems new systems. This new heating systems, particularly against the background of steadily rising energy prices for heating oil and natural gas are interesting. The speech is the heat pump and the pellet heating system. Both systems use renewable energy, the heat pump is the solar energy stored in the ground, in the air or in the water. The geothermal heat pump is the most widely used because it has a high efficiency.

Harnessed is the geothermal borehole heat exchangers or by geothermal collectors. The difference between the two systems is that the geothermal probe into deep up to 99 meters will be installed while the geothermal heat collector directly below the Earth’s surface is. The heat pump is driven normally with electric current. Typically the year work number is used to specify the efficiency of a heat pump. It indicates how much electrical energy must be applied to win a specific equivalent thermal energy.

Modern geothermal heat pumps have year work numbers from 4 to 4.5, that is 4 to 4.5 kWh to be one kilowatt hour of electricity to generate heat energy. The efficiency of a heat pump when compared to a gas or oil heating therefore in addition to the price for heating oil or natural gas also depends the price of electricity. In addition, that the cost of a heat pump are significantly higher than for a conventional heating system. A consideration of economic efficiency must therefore be over the entire lifetime of the heating system. And since the heat pump cannot keep up at least from a current perspective very well. Markus boos