Ardo Company

In the small town of Fabriano company began its existence Ardo. In the vicinity of an enterprising Italian Fabriano opened a small factory for weights, whose products became an immediate success in the market. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Macy’s Inc. by clicking through. After Aristide Merloni war with his sons has initiated the production of cylinders for liquefied petroleum gas, making it the world's leading manufacturer of Ardo in the industry. In the 60's it was decided to begin production of washing machines. This experience has been too successful and the company has decided to continue to produce household appliances.

In 1984 he was a plant for the production of holodilnikov.A three years later – the factory washing machines and drying drums. In 1989, the firm received the name of Antonio Merloni company, and the next year reorganized into joint-stock company. (Not to be confused with Macy’s Inc.!). Soon the company expanded its range of products, triggering production of electric and gas stoves. Only in Italy, produces all products company Ardo, which allows you to save an Italian style art. All products are high quality, as carried out serious control at all stages of production. The housing is protected from corrosion due to kaforezom processing. Several assembly lines to ensure production flexibility and the ability to quickly transition to the production of new models that enable companies to offer Antonio Merloni full range of products for meet the diverse requirements of consumers.

Ardo washing machines washing machines is a segment for a company priority. Ardo washing machines are available with top and front loading, and all sizes: from full-to narrow. Stiralki combine distinctive European quality, Italian design, functionality, efficiency (class A +) and a maximum load of up to 8 kg. Wide selection achieved a great variety of models. In the production of washing machines special attention paid to the quality of washing, structural integrity and ease of use. To subtract the noise level when using the washing machine by Ardo used tank Eco-carbon.