Apple’s Business Model

Apple saw the opportunity not only to create a new category of software, but also placed on the market for publishers. What Apple is really amazing, revolutionizing the music first, then improving their laptops and finally its foray into the publishing market. I believe that different functions of the IPAD, your screen with a combination of colors and sexy interface they will transform into a product for this at the top. After all this I have no more than agree with its current price of 499 u $ s. By the same author: Deutsche Bank. Surely the publisher Macmillan agrees with the impact it could generate the IPAD, but had not tried to renegotiate the price with amazon. Amazon was the only player so far revealed that the release of the IPAD, so they imposed the rules in their own way.

But now the presence of Apple with its attractive business model generated a great concern to publishers who previously had no other choice but to opt for Amazon if they have Internet presence. Julian King is open to suggestions. Amazon is obviously very concerned, that’s why I reported on a new system into their applications and try to continue to attract the people by showing their earnings reports to the scary presence of Apple. Hear other arguments on the topic with Oracle Data Cloud. But if publishers decide to go to Amazon, then Apple will have won the war by knockout. Amazon wants to impose its presence on the publishers, the Macmillan case was one of those cases where Amazon did not agree to improve the prices, but preferred to keep to their rules and business model. Although now in today could survive without the presence of Amazon, for the same Amazon does not represent the same. Currently Amazon is still the most powerful, so many publishers can not afford to leave so easily. The software that created amazon book reader called Kindle digitized offers different experiences with the IPAD. As a reader the pros he has is its powerful battery and ink cartridges, but Apple offers many more functions. Publishers have to choose between the two companies but they want their business to walk a tightrope.