Other firms are trying to achieve overstrength soles. braun, for example, handles stainless steel sapphire powder (soles 'Sapfir'), that the soles are not afraid of metal buttons and zippers on clothing. moulinex applies the chrome coating, which improves the anticorrosion quality soles. Aluminum Aluminum for sole use: philips rowenta moulinex. Irons with the soles very quickly heat up and cool down (faster than the steel), they often cheaper models with steel soles, but aluminum can be damaged quite easily. Pottery Ceramic coating used: bosch tefal philips tefal applies cermet coating (sole Supergliss Actif). Her dignity – iron glides in the body, not glosses over the fabric during ironing, cleaned with a damp cloth.

The latest development tefal – a unique material Durilium (series Ultragliss Actif), which provides unmatched ease of sliding, high resistance to scratches and ease of cleaning. Irons tefal have back foot, which allows no glosses over the fabric moving the iron back. Power. The effectiveness of ironing is largely dependent on the power of iron. Under normal mode optimum power – 1600 Tues Depending on the model of the iron thickness varies from 1200 W to 2200 Tues If your life runs at a higher pace, then certainly you need a powerful iron that heats up quickly. Temperature regimes. Good iron accurately maintains the set temperature. This is particularly important in the mode of ironing synthetic and silk fabrics are very sensitive even to a slight excess of 120 C. 'Steam' performance irons Steam blow (turbopar) lump enhanced steam (about twice).