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The script is the essence of a production, technical is a text based on arguments, scenes, dialogues and sequncias. The script must well be fact, therefore you are welcome it advances to have all spotless one if it does not have a good history to count itself. The category exists since the first Oscar in 1927, and even so it has suffered some alterations in the following years, continues present in Oscar 2012. A script is considered adapted when it brings a cinematographic version of some literary composition or teatral, that is, the scriptwriter adapta the history that originally was written without the intention of if becoming a film. It is not a very easy work, since the professional can receive many critical ones, mainly the when workmanship to be adapted is one best to seller, for example. In the film ' ' Lolita' ' , based in the book of Vladimir Nabokov, the proper writer adaptou the workmanship for a cinematographic production in 1963. The film until was indicated the Oscar, but it suffered many critical ones for Stanley Kubrick not to have portraied in the best way possible the history of the book. In 2011 estatueta golden was for Aaron Sorkin for the adaptation of the book ' ' The Accidental Billionaires' ' , that it gave to origin to the film ' ' The Social&#039 Net; '. The indicated ones to Oscar 2012 of Better Suitable Script are: ' ' The Descendentes' ' , of Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, Jim Rash; ' ' Everything For the Poder' ' , of Grant Heslov; ' ' The Invention of Hugo Cabret' ' , of John Logan; ' ' The Man who Changed the Jogo' ' , of Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin and ' ' The Spy who Demais&#039 Wise person; ' , of Bridget O' Connor and Peter Straughan..