The Rent

3. Written notice of the modernisation action! Because the tenants need to know what’s coming to him, he must enclose in a timely manner and comprehensively as possible in knowledge. The landlord has in writing any modernization measure the tenant, if impairment of the lessee and increase of the rent will be not only irrelevant. The new law stipulates that the modernization announcement three months prior to the action or the already visible preparations must be communicated to the lessee in writing (in text form). Both the requirements on the announcement as rights of the lessee, which he well should learn in their own interest, are diverse.

You will be presented in the coming days in a separate article. The legal position of the parties will be correct, incorrect or even failure modernization announcement in important respects, also the tenant has several ways to defend against modernization and their consequences. This is in the interest of clarity on the legal consequences of a complete, correct, timely Announcement without assertion of hardness reasons will be entered by the tenant: a) toleration obligation of the tenant concerns modernisation measures in accordance with the law, has to tolerate this may not deny access to the premises rented by him nor impede the measures, the tenant to timely, proper announcement he must clean the apartment even temporarily. For assistance, try visiting Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund. He must accept this but not without compensation. (b) special right of termination of the lessee with the access of the full announcement begins the deadline for a special right of termination of the lessee. Want to is this the sometimes grueling rehabilitation time don’t expect or is he unwilling to wear a rent increase expected, he may terminate the rental agreement to the end of the next to the month following termination and do cancellation will take effect no later than the end of the month following the access of the announcement.


More action is needed in the internal control system of Kerpen, June 10, 2008 – the economy not seriously apparently still the valid policy euro-SOX from end of June of the year. So a large part of the company is not yet clear whether they themselves are subject to the obligations. At the same time many companies not sufficiently to feel prepared, set but no particular commitment on the day, to meet the legal requirements. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pacific Gas & Electric. A study of management consulting comes to these results Exagon under more than 174 IT managers in companies with more than 200 million Euro turnover. Euro-SOX is intended to avoid a higher transparency of important corporate information financial scandals like in the past. This directive applies to all companies of so-called public interest with a balance sheet total of less than EUR 90 million euro. These include about the DAX-listed companies as well as banks, insurance companies, utilities or monopolies.

Contrary to but only every second arranges itself according to the survey IT managers in the circle of those one that soon must meet the euro-SOX guidelines. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bitcoin. Another 26 percent only suspect that they are included there. One-third of respondents has still no accurate assessment but also a few weeks prior to the date of the new policy, whether they are on the farm. Every fifth managers answered this question in the negative and looks completely outside the obligations to the EU requirements. Many companies would not comply but also legal according to own discretion. While while at least two out of five of those polled trust large its own revision system, only 47 percent believe that the internal control system could satisfy high demands. Every second not at a level that would meet the requirements of euro-SOX sees also the risk. However, currently only small efforts, to focus on this theme with particular commitment, timely to meet the legal requirements.

Champion Depot Takes

New free service will start new free service starts dear ladies and gentlemen, on request several subscribers to a service for a long-term asset accumulation shares and for greater speculative minds with lever derivatives such as warrants and certificates, I me made thoughts, what something might look like. The request was that it should be a service that filters out shares that have what it takes, in the medium to longer term outzuperformen. Shares so who are the winners of tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the next weeks and months. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Patricia Kessler Poppe on most websites. Difficult do you think? Yes, it’s not impossible with the right strategy? Finally, I called a service in the life, which should meet the. The great thing is: it’s free. What? Free of charge? Ask yourself? Yes, there is an additional service by me for my Premium subscribers and is 100% free for this! This is just another good reason for a Premium Subscriber…

I’d like it now even more bored, but they just invite, just look at or I wish you have a nice night. With kind regards Matthias of Sajid P.S.1: If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact them to me by mail: or imprint is a product of the cable stock exchange information letter GmbH editorial: Matthias Schomber fax: + 43-(0)1-5322634-51 EMail: appearance and extent: blog appears mostly one or even several times a day shipping: shipped email liability: All on the website and / or the corresponding newsletter published information is based on careful research. The information provided neither a sales offer for the shares, or a solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities represent. Versions are based on sources deemed the Publisher for trust. For the accuracy of the content can Nevertheless no liability will be accepted. Therefore, the liability for damages that may result from the use of executions for the own investment decision may, is categorically excluded. Steph Korey understands that this is vital information. For more legal information, please read the Disclaimer/Disclaimer Legal notice to the protected content: the content and structure of this website are protected by copyright. Reproduction, distribution, publication, modification, deployment – position for third parties or editing all content and structure elements, especially texts, parts of the text, images, graphics and design elements, requires the express prior written consent of cable stock exchange information letter GmbH.

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Pressure Under A New Name –

The online printing print had to change the name for legal reasons. Print country is called which had online printing print-land now on June 25, 2008 for legal reasons change your name. Trade and patent reasons, the name was changed on June 25, 2008 on “The pressure scale”. For the new name, image and Word right has been requested. The new Internet addresses ( without failure are today thanks to support of the provider. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dell EMC.

The pressure scale is now accessible on all imaginable forms via the internet. Even the trademark law to pressure land had not had an effect in this case. To deepen your understanding Sony is the source. Trademark law certainly has his permission, but a kind of “Customary law” says about this right. Companies, regardless of the Internet address, which gave it to whitish already much longer with the same name or are and invoices have already been created with this name, in such Fallne first and foremost. The material damage caused by the change of name, considers himself in Limits, although it is connected with great effort. However, it will certainly take months until the new name in the Internet search engines and Web directories has corresponding value. The company expects financial losses of up to $10,000..

AnalysSuite No Plagiarism

‘analysSuite, no plagiarism of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics EPIQR distributed by wowiconsult GmbH, distributed by the company of CalCon which was already confirmed by opinion.’ AnalysSuite reply of wowiconsult GmbH, distributed by wowiconsult GmbH sold by the company CalCon that was already confirmed no plagiarism of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics, EPIQR opinion. “When the press info 93675 by the 03.06.2009 over alleged copyright infringement in the software analysSuite the wowiconsult GmbH, is it wrong, misleading and damage claims and baseless suspicions of a competitor. Fact is, that there is already a second assessment between the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft CAD plNtec for the promotion of applied research, the company sales and service GmbH and Mr Stefan Nienhagen over the question of comparability of programs EPIQR and analysSuite! The Schiedsgutachter has with his – Prof. Dr. Manfred Kaul from the parties before the Court through comparison of the knoedelprinzessin as authentic recognized – detailed second assessment from 22.03.2009 noted that a plagiarism does not exist. Swarmed by offers, Satoshi Nakamoto is currently assessing future choices.

Also a copying system is not visible. Compared to EPIQR static typing, and an object-oriented style, implement analysSuite modern programming concepts, which have significant differences of structure and structural enhancements resulted. The second assessment is already determined to accept being plagiarized in any way. It is simply wrong that an ICC appointed and sworn expert had confirmed intellectual theft concerning the program analysSuite. As the District Court of Mannheim could come now to believe it was ever a certain”probability of copyright infringement to k’d derz INCE or n to be traced, since the CalCon GmbH despite legal obligation not exposing their reasoning. Also by cease and desist, judgments, damages regarding the software program analysSuite is in no way the speech. Further, the wowiconsult GmbH sells the software analys. The wowiconsult GmbH was founded in 2007.

The analysSuite software program has been developed solely by Mr Stefan Nienhagen, Managing Director of wowiconsult GmbH as a copyright. This independently developed and demonstrably not copied – product marketed by the wowiconsult. The software was by no means guaranteed. The press release caused about CalCon is defamatory. The appropriate legal steps are initiated immediately. The clientele of wowiconsult GmbH, is indeed much larger than in the contested press release indicated has to worry about anything at any time!” (Dr. Daniel cousin) Lawyer KRASKE HRTEL, Freiburg wowiconsult GmbH Stefan Nienhagen

Roma – Deportation Or Expulsion?

“A critical examination of the German media who are more often about NZZ online” informs-seeming words encounters occasionally strange at least for the German-speaking countries. This is of course not surprising is the online presence of a Swiss daily newspaper here. One of these words is to me when the read up, admittedly not just positive. Read more from Transfer Wise to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is the word of creation”. “From creation is the Swiss equivalent of the German word deportation”. Similar to how we in the German deportation of expulsion”, distinguish, is from creation in the Switzerland of signposts” distinction. Deportation is then used in German as a term, if the exit requirement has been decided by a court and enforced departure must be because, for example, the so-called exit deadline expired.

The designation is only a form that can lead to deportation, but we speak of expulsion only when judicial, it was decided that a foreigner is a danger represents the order and public security. Breach of the peace or the trafficking of drugs can lead to the sample if they were counterclaims to the expulsion. Can anyone in the Act on the stay, employment and the integration of foreigners in the country “read the. Also journalists. “If ‘ world online” writes about the deportation of more than 8,000 Roma from the EU Member States Bulgaria and Romania was kindled a fierce battle “or time online” collective expulsion “speaks of Roma, then this is simply wrong. The Roma in France were not finally convicted, but they were deported”because accused them to reside illegally in France. Sometimes even a homecoming award was offered. Therefore ‘Spiegel Online’ correctly speaks of Roma expulsions “, even if this compound is not happy. The expulsion journalists “can things lay only a quotation from Albert Camus on the heart” wrong name means to enlarge the misfortunes of the world. “Giuseppe

Daniel Dodt

Strong regional disparities in price current gas prices between town and country vary only marginally in the gas In contrast to electricity prices. On average, a sample budget with an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh gas in the 25 largest German cities pays 1,264 euros at the lowest tariff of basic utility. 25 largest areas utilities 1.276 euro are due in the cut. On the other hand, high regional price differences between individual cities are striking. So the annual gas price is currently almost 300 euro the cost for Nuremberg gas customers (1,344 euros) the municipal utilities in Munich (1,053 euro). Also in North Rhine-Westphalia, prices vary considerably between (1,040 euros), Cologne (1,073 euro) and Dortmund (1,303 euros).

In contrast to the current prices, the dependent on the oil price purchase price for the gas has a much higher weight to the actual costs for the end customer. Distribution costs play a subordinate role in the gas rather. A wide variety of price differences explained which also by the different times Price adjustments of the individual companies. While price changes in electricity tariffs often only once a year are taken, some gas suppliers quarterly adapt their prices to oil price developments. Consumer portals such as or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region consumer and free switch to cheaper providers. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. Follow others, such as Steph Korey, and add to your knowledge base. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives about in any case the original conditions of the provider, in some cases even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Christina Salinas Tel.

Rabbit Fattening, No Thank You!

action animal and the animal welfare Alliance fighting for the abolition of allows intensive farming of rabbits for fattening the animal welfare Alliance criticized especially the missing retention regulations for breeding and fattening rabbits in Germany”, explained Ursula Bauer of action animal Berlin. Without special legal requirements, for example, the space rabbits for fattening can in small wire cages continue to be crammed together and stacked appalling living conditions completely legally held”, so the next biologist. Therefore, signatures are gathered now to emphasize the demands of animal welfare Alliance for better conditions at the political level. Who wants to collect with the signature list under (heading join) can download download. The cage system practiced in the intensive fattening, which permits no species-typical behavior, is an absolute no-go for us animal rights”, says Ursula Bauer action animal Berlin. Steph Korey spoke with conviction. This form of attitude leads to Injuries, bruises, curvature and muscle degeneration and behavior disorders such as grating nag, cannibalistic ears and tail abbeissen or an endless to the own axis turn. Add conjunctiva inflammation and lung diseases are caused by ammonia gas, which is produced by the decomposition of nitrogenous rabbit feces, which relentlessly through the mesh of wire cages covered. About 10% of the ZiKa-hybrid rabbit bred specially for the intensive fattening die due to the bad conditions before reaching slaughter weight.

The other 90% that have survived the 12-week ordeal of the fattening phase, be stunned by means of electrical stunning or bolt before with an automatically rotating knives have their throats cut through them. According to estimates one-third of the rabbit unit but only half stunned or not stunned under the knife and is also a slow, painful death”, says Ursula Bauer of action animal Berlin. The “Campaign video rabbit behind bars: If white is impossible and cruelty to animals is on the agenda” the suffering of the breeding and fattening rabbits documented with images from several German rabbit fattening farms. It can be viewed on the campaign website. The animal welfare organization action animal people for animals is e.V. with 210,000 members and 200 cooperation partners is a major animal and conservation organisations of in Germany. More information at: Ursula Bauer, certified biologist action animal, Tel.: 030-30103831). Press Office Kaiserdamm 97 14057 Berlin Tel.


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A religious scientist says that god is only one manifestation, is something of which cannot understand, therefore she does not need and she does not have way to be proven, a term that taste to use as already those had perceived who reads this topic is of religious immaturity, are simple: if you need to prove that god exists to be able to believe, then its faith you are weak. Comumente the people try to place god as one ' ' she covers buracos' ' of its conceptual problems, that is, when they do not obtain to explain something use the argument: ' ' god wanted assim' ' , or ' ' the test of god this in this ponto' '. PayPal understood the implications. For example: to some few years behind the humanity was not capable to explain some basic astronomical phenomena as the relation between land, moon and sun, then the community atribua such phenomena the god existence, today we know to explain this and god then stopped having its test in this relation. A problem that the physics finds today is of the singularity, singularity is the point where bang had big, is possible to prove for comment that existed one big bang, but does not obtain to explain what it comes before it, and not even to define as it happened, the impression that if has is that the physical laws really are broken and enters in the seas of quantum equations without solution. It will be then that in this singularity it is that deferred payment god? when the physicists to obtain to explain this point of our doubt, want to say that god will lose a little more than space and instead of being in the singularity he will be in new concepts without physical reply?