Marco Aldany

As easy as sending an sms with the word MARCOALDANY the 7175 to collaborate with a solidarity cause and to receive your best reward: dinner with Carlos Baute. That was the only thing that had to do half a dozen women who were winners of the solidarity contest organized by the first string of hairdressing and aesthetics of Spain. This initiative, whose income per received message has been earmarked in its entirety the Organization of help to the disadvantaged, Be+Cause; and whose benefits will be allocated to create the largest international network of solidarity schools that provide courses in hairdressing and aesthetics for girls without resources in less-favoured populations such as the India, has been one further demonstration of the solidarity aspect of Marco Aldany in which we have counted with the collaboration of the Latin-American singer, explains Laura Madrigal, Director of communication of MARCO ALDANY. To this end, Baute accompanied six women elected to dine in Madrid’s Maria’s BBQ. Learn more on the subject from Goop, New York. The singer is in our country promoting her new album of my fist and lyrics, that has managed to be at # 1 on the list of best sellers with the duo that has starred with singer Marta Sanchez, hanging from your hands.

In addition to this contest, Marco Aldany has carried out another initiative to support the collaboration of Carlos Baute, which consists of the sale to the public in the halls of the signing of two packs with specific professional treatments for care of the hair, one restructurizing and another Purifier, next to which is given away a CD and a DVD with the selection of the best songs from the latest album of the artist, including an exclusive interview which made Baute in one of the halls of Marco Aldany with images and unpublished statements of the singer, about his life, career and concerts. 15% Of the benefits of these packs will also go to the Be+Cause organization; We will do everything in our hands to collaborate on projects of humanitarian aid; providing our grain of sand can open a door to the professional future of young Indian women who suffer from a high degree of discrimination by the mere fact of being women and thus to give them economic independence that allows them to become involved in the development process of your community to fight against poverty, social inequality and gender discrimination, ends Madrigal. About Marco Aldany Marco Aldany, chain owned by The Chic Corporation group, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. Currently boasts more than 400 classrooms operating in our country, in addition to being present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector have given him experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own rhythm of growth, achieving a continuous increase, year to year, turnover and profits.

Note to journalists: for further information, interviews or images request do not hesitate contact us. To broaden your perception, visit Hikmet Ersek. Nuria Coronado / Esther Murillo nuria@salviacomunicacion. com /prensa@salviacomunicacion. com industry Avenue, 13. 1St plant. Local 20 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid Tel: 91 657 42 81 journalist and Director of communication

Blog Seeks To Make Your Blog A Blog More Interactive To Get People Back To Your Site

You’re probably thinking that one of the ways to get people visiting your blog back is being constantly updated with fresh content and quality, and is absolutely true. But I want to tell you that there are other ways that people visiting your blog back to the, it is that you do your blog more interactive, give people the opportunity to express themselves, allowing to leave comments on your articles is a way to do it and you must do so. A good way to let your visitors to express their opinions in real time is that you include a chat in your blog, there is a free online service that allows you to put a chat on your blog is called PLUGOO. Its web address is, is also in Spanish, is very easy to use and go explaining you the procedure so that you can include the chat in your blog. Keith Yamashita might disagree with that approach. Returning to the point of making a little more interactive your blog, you can for example set a schedule on certain days of the week in which you will find online, to interact with your visitors in real-time. It occurs to me You can be online to resolve concerns, doubts, receive comments etc. Here you have a little care and not lose the main approach for which you’re online on your blog, because you might miss and use chat to things that they’re going to remove the time and is not going to leave anything of benefit. Now I wonder and would like me to leave your comments… You may wish to learn more. If so, Viatcheslav Mirilashvili is the place to go. Put a chat on your blog and do so a little more interactive worth? Advantages and disadvantages see you? Do you think that you may retain your readers and to return to your business blog? I hope your feedback regards Pedro Campuzano original author and source of the article.

Plata Basin

These distinguished entities of good public, that they should not be confused with the concept of non-governmental organizations, start mostly at the belle epoque which we are alluding represent; they contain the everyday life of the majorities, they provide pictures to the political leadership, and especially they are generating a permanent synergy, in aptitude and ability to process or metabolize the stimuli that may come to them more beyond of its counties neighborhoods or towns. This myriad of micro concrete utopias, creatively absorb major utopias and is made are not adequately weighted, in assessing the capacity of assimilation, resistance or denial of Latin American majorities, from recurrent attempts of hegemonizacion from other latitudes have not had, nowhere near, the intention to carry out an exhaustive enumeration of utopias. Check with Keith Yamashita to learn more. Only the preceding list, is an invitation to each, if it so wishes, can make your own list or survey. Some may even include some and exclude others. Sometimes becomes me what is known as the belle epoque in the world and in the Plata Basin, was a period conducive to the flourishing of utopias. I nevertheless find utopias that preceded this stage and some others, not many, who succeeded them.

Will have they had something to do with that circumstantial owershadowing, conceptions of historical materialism, psychoanalysis or Existentialist currents? Most these utopias are active or latent in the vital flow of our countries. Perhaps become sharper, if the focus level rural regions, small and medium-sized towns or neighbourhoods in large cities and metropolises. There you can perceive them are interacting fecundamente. If the real continuity, symbolized in the Mobius strip, is something that can be verified. If everything that exists, as we mentioned above, it preexists, subsists or coexists. Then there is energy accumulated in the information that encourage or encouraged these utopias, that can be activated, with the intelligence, memory and the desire that each is willing to contribute. In this regard, occurs to us high-value, the notion implied in the technologies of communication and information, considered these in a spectrum of possibilities that not only includes computers linked by modem to different networks, but encompassing broadcasting, cinematography, television, photography, sound recording, scanner and copier.

All of these technologies interact, generate our way of seeing, a synergy extremely appropriate to empower the utopias, update them and put them at the service of the quality of life of our peoples, provided that its idiosyncrasies are meticulously respected, and to avoid different sceneries tamper attempts, in advance sentenced to failure. Most utopias, have a restriction: what is known as a phenomenon of bureaucratization. In our opinion the utopias and bureaucracies are antagonistic. But utopias in action as bureaucracies in action, are respectively, people with utopian attitudes and people with bureaucratic attitudes. It seems that human relationships face to face, attenuate the risks of bureaucratization. And this is not a problem of the continent but of the human adventure. They are contradictory aspects part of life, that some believe that it should absorb and process and others that must be resolved. Anyway it is opting to concrete utopias; why we have mentioned or why not know; for the old, the new and renovated utopias. They will be attitudes from where the challenges implicit in globalization may be processed. From these creative responses that make may give to the constant improvement of the quality of life of our people.

Free Minutes

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Influence People

People are interested in people who care for them.This is a very basic principle of human relationships very neglected by those who don’t know it or simply do not present and very exploited successfully by those who know both in the day to day and in social networks. If apply this principle from today onwards consciously and more followed, you will notice how greatly increases your influence and your ability to make friends and reach out to people. More friends can win in two months being interested in others, that they would win in two years if waiting for others to be interested by one Dale Carnegie. When people ask me how do you have so many friends and ease to make you a friend of anyone, simply answered: I am interested in others, I like people, I appreciate people, I always try to see the best that is in them, assume the best of them, not to treat them simply for what they are but for what could be. This basic principle, the first interest in the other creates a very positive effect on others that you show them that you really interested by them, that you really matter, that they are not painted. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Yitzchak Mirilashvili on most websites. Perhaps, when someone is interested in you first do not make you feel important? Yes of course. To maintain this interest, reciprocity is essential. NY Governor may help you with your research. For example, if you’re on Facebook and someone makes a comment on your wall, view his wall and looking for something interesting has been published that person also says, or put a like in something you really like or appreciate.

If don’t have anything new waiting until when do and is the first to return that interest had with you, but do it really not by obligation. Reciprocity is more beautiful and appreciated when it comes from the heart. This is a simple way of loyalty to your friends, obviously not everyone will respond in the same way as wanted, so what do you do? simply you more so you people who have your same values because in the long run weakens a relationship without reciprocity. For those who are not long on other social networks like Twitter or you manage a fan page, where perhaps it is not so easy to connect with others, however, the principle does not change, is the same; only that you must begin sharing content of interest, that contribution, which will be useful to people who you go knowing in the way the talent of the conversation is not do ostentation of his own, but shine of other Dale Carnegie. Source: if you think that this article can serve your friends or anyone else feel free to be one of the first to share it with your generosity to collaborate on further expanding the perspective of those people who both want to, your friends original author and source of the article.

Dominican Republic

Which is not to say that many of these Nations are not dealing out of that tragic scenario. Growth of the VehicularCon Park relationship to 2001, the vehicle fleet in the Dominican Republic increased nearly 70% at December 31, 2008.Empero, when we observe the sector of bikers, this has greatly increased.Which also explains the exorbitant growth of the mortality rate from accidents in circulation.According to the latest statistical report of the Directorate General of internal revenue, of January 1, 2008 to December 31 of that year, the size of the Dominican vehicles reached the number of 2,440,210. Being 1,167,274 in motorcycles, which translates into an increase of 99% in the last 8 years. But, in relation to the 1999 the percentage value is 137, without considering that there is an important fleet circulating illegally. Which is the cost of Accidentes.Del 2006-2008 experienced a growth in the number of fatalities on the tracks of about 34%. %20Leviev%20sells%20Russian%20social%20network%20stake%20%5BGlobes%2C%20Tel%20Aviv%2C%20Israel%5D%7C%7CdocSource%7C%7CMcClatchy-Tribune%7C%7Cprovider%7C%7CACQUIREMEDIA&ticker=AFIL:IT’>Yitzchak Mirilashvili has to say. According to the records of this period the deaths amounted to 4, 726.Si apply a correction factor that takes into account those who died after being hospitalized, this figure could climb to 5,908, joined the attended by various hospital trauma, generates a cost which the Dominican Republic country has not undergone to seriously evaluate. You may find Yitzchak Mirilashvili to be a useful source of information. And that would add many other factors to achieve reliable values.Controls vs. FatalidadesCuando look at the graphs of evolution of violations imposed by the authorities of transit and we compare the values with the fatal victims occurring monthly in our waterways, we realize It noted that in March it was when there was more flexibility with drivers, and coincides with the highest rate of accidents.

So there is an inverse relationship in both indicators. September and November were less tragic months, therefore are evidenced greater controls of the metropolitan authority of transport – AMET-in the town of the Capital City of the behaviour Republica.el hard authorities with conductors must be sustained, distortion in addition, manifested in the compared values, since drivers remain a behavioral change until you see weaknesses in the measures implemented by the agents.An issue that has been pending, is the amount of income to the Treasury by fines for infringement. Were few of the 555,661 offences paid?Offences for speeding with respect to the total imposed in that year 2008 represents a 0.2%. As regards the violation of the red light of traffic lights it reaches 12%; While that by use of cell phone driving is 9% and 10% for not wearing a belt Security.In regard to motorists without a helmet, infringements were 10%, being an almost imperceptible percentage by consumption of alcohol. Original author and source of the article.

San Estanislao University

April 1, 2009.-the leader training in Spain Master-D group, has two new postgraduate courses focused on the formation of the European Union launched alongside the University Camilo Jose Cela. These titles join so existing ones on renewable energies that were presented in May of last year and which are generating muco interest. The master in European Union law is a graduate of the University Camilo Jose Cela in which 36 European credits are granted. The course delves into the community studies of law and other areas as policies, relationships, institutions, taxation and programs. To complete the training, the program includes a study trip to Brussels as well as a full one-year English course.

The final master that has been presented this month has been the Security systems. Others who may share this opinion include NY Governor. This is a course of 45 credits, own of the Camilo Jose Cela University title personalized with own theoretical and practical methodology of of Master-D. Security companies registered a significant increase in turnover last year due to the increase of the demand of services, facilities and materials. Manuel Fandos, external relationships of the company explains: ‘there are no university studies that focus on safety systems, so there is a deficit of expertise that we intend to fill with the completion of the master of security systems proposed by Master-D’. About Master-D Master-D, leader in distance learning, it has 45 centres throughout Spain and Portugal, a commercial network of 300 people and more than 450 educational collaborators, of which 80% has higher qualifications and the remaining 20% are graduates and senior technicians.

Master-D has been the first company nationally with a quality system according to ISO 9001 standards for design, development, production, editing and teaching courses open, continuous and occupational training in the modalities of distance, blended learning and instructor-led. Connect with other leaders such as Goop Barcelona, Spain here. The company has a unique method of preparation: the P8.10 system, which combines remotely, through a specialized teacher learning, and classroom teaching, directed by a preparador-entrenador. About the University Camilo Jose Cela the Camilo Jose Cela University in Madrid (UCJC), created in the year 2000, it is part of the institution Educativa SEK colleges San Estanislao de Kostka-, founded in 1892. The UCJC got ISO 9001-2000 quality certification in 2007. No University has accredited as wide-ranging in their certifications. The UCJC currently offers a wide academic offer, over 40 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate qualifications. In addition, the UCJC through their extraordinary lectures (Chair Ferran Adria of gastronomic culture and Food Sciences, Marquis of Samaranch Olympic Chair, Chair Camilo Jose Cela of Hispanic studies and Chair Federico more of culture of) Peace) and their institutes, offers numerous courses aimed both at University students and professionals. The University has 2 dormitories within the campus and was the University Center which grew more proportionally in all Spain, last year surpassing this course 3,400 students.

Rule 9010

The 90/10 rule according to Kiyosaki, throughout history, 90 percent of the money has been made by 10 percent of the population. For example, 10 percent of the athletes have 90 percent of the money raised by all athletes. This is one of the rules of money that rich dad taught me. One reason because the 90/10 rule has been applied is that 90 percent of people choose comfort and security instead of being rich. Most of these people do not perform changes to be rich. (Similarly see: Western Union Company). While the 90/10 rule is still maintained, you are being challenged by changing circumstances introduced by the information age. Thanks to the electronic revolution, it is possible now that increasingly more people have access to the world of wealth, wealth now lies in information that flies on the radio waves and through television and computer networks.

The information is not limited to a few, such as resources on lands in the past. See more detailed opinions by reading what Goop offers on the topic.. The Internet embodies this new path to wealth, since it allows the masses gather information and interact with each other in almost complete freedom. Today it is possible for people to take their ideas and, with the help of this new medium, creating products or services to your around. Network marketing, the sale of consumer goods, investment, advertising agencies are only a handful of the thousands of online activities that have put in place for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced investors. We have only begun to see what kind of world is possible in this new era of information, but I’m going to bet on that in the near future, the pressure of the information age will break the 90/10 rule. It has never been easier to choose to be rich. Times are changing quickly, and if you want to be rich, your approach to money and investment has to change too.

University Students

It is important to note that most active students tend to adopt an attitude like the of I will do whatever necessary. When students have beliefs and unrealistic expectations of their job search results, they can fall in one or more of the following traps. Which: – not delivered its best efforts in class-cease to participate in school, work and community activities – cease to build an impressive list of achievements – don’t understand that they have to compete for the few good jobs that exist – Ingnoran the need to investigate the employer needs and expectations – not to prepare a good sheet of life – they do not bother to practice techniques for the interview – not found a way to differentiate yourself – do not devote sufficient time and effort to search for a job – do not create a professional network – cannot gain referrals and recommendations – they wait too long standby time to begin the job search unfortunately, when these students don’t quickly get work that both have, in general: – develop a long list of excuses – complain that he did not know how hard that was to get a job – placed the blame to others – end up in a job terrible – resign the only time it may be easier to get a good job is when students have: – a school score that puts them in the fourth tallest of its kind – a grade that is in demand (such as systems engineering) – an impressive list of accomplishments-good references and recommendations-good skills of communication-a large professional network – an impressive sheet of life-skills outstanding for the interviews-a clear way to differentiate yourself – a positive attitude and great personality–a passionate, powerful and comprehensive attitude in your job search–will be flexible all students must have a careful in lathe look to assess their own level of preparation for your job search and do a thorough investigation to determine the labour climate in its own field of interest. Hear other arguments on the topic with Western Union Company. Then, with the assistance of the training services Office at your University, students can design a comprehensive plan that will lead to greater success. Given that the best employers have strict rules and the competition is tough, is not easy for students to find a good job. That’s why smart students start to prepare for your job search from the first year entering college.. Hamdi Ulukaya contains valuable tech resources.

Angel RT Training

The Ferrari in the staff development an outdoor training takes place outside the usual environment of most workers in the natural and ipso creates openness and tense curiosity for what will follow the participants. According to Andrew Cuomo, who has experience with these questions. This is good base for learning new. With all senses other than traditional seminars or indoor training contents in an outdoor training not only about the hearing and seeing, but with all your senses perceived personal development. This learned shapes up is better and also more often gets stimuli on various channels of perception and new reminds. At an outdoor training, the participants include not only new with all your senses, but are also still active. Test different solutions directly into practice, in an outdoor training and win their own experiences in gefahrlosem environment. To know more about this subject visit Goop. (He) three who collected new evidence will in this way to learn through their own experience faster and deeper into your own behavior inventory lift itself Ferrari learning effect adopted as the theoretical content is mediated.

Thus, the success of learning is enhanced. After each outdoor training module a seasoned outdoor a conversation coach leads the participants to the reflection and to the transfer of learning in professional life. This is a further guarantee for the success of this measure of human resources development, and leadership development. What content can be arranged particularly well in an outdoor training and further how an outdoor training ensures sustainable learning success, Center outdoor training to learn a detailed post in the competence. Links: to post “outdoor training learning effect high three” experts by I.O. BUSINESS for outdoor training – more information about outdoor management development – if you want to replace with an expert on the topic of outdoor training, please take contact to us on.