Piazza Simoni

I left at 7 UNAA idea mananaa a chilly 5 degrees, but that on arriving in Modena was nevando.a Esperea the train to take me to the city of Romeo and Julietaa that departed at 8:15 a.m. and arrived in Verona at 10:30 am without mishap. a I got off the train and I went into the Porta Nuova train station, very welcoming with great dynamism, I immediately began campaigning to find out the places must know within a span of six hours that I had intended for her and return to Parma in the evening. In the same season a tourist office finds them with much information and attention they gave me a map of the city with major tourist attraction. I took some points of reference and began to plan my recorrido.a I started at 11 am.

Fortunately, with a temperature of 15 degrees, I began my march from passing Porta Nuova Via Locatelli, passing through Piazza Simoni, from there take by Giberti Valverde leads to road leading to the plaza and will Pradaval the beautiful plaza Abra, where the majestic Arena, much visited. At the time of my arrival, there were many excursions, almost all from Germany, and cities in Italy itself, as many young people. Of course, the atmosphere was very lively because it is carnival time and Verona also celebrates. In fact, I could see a large number of highly decorated carrozasa that would form part of parade this afternoon. I stayed at the Amphitheatre and Piazza, long enough to know the antitheater and nearby streets that he still has narrow alleyways, cobblestone, stone and colors in some business departments offices.

Company Products and Workshops

Even then, work shops – was aimed at promoting the company products, which they represent a strengthening of consumer confidence. Now this was a major breakthrough in the marketing of those years. Incidentally, it should be noted that, as once in a while, trade shops are beginning to actively engage promotional activities: the colorful brochures, inserts, calendars, advertisements in the central and local press, on radio and television. Great importance was attached to advertisements in local sales: window dressing, interior corners of the buyers and reference stands. Gradually the company began to acquire more affordable and widespread. Now people have stopped driving cars – they move on Mercedes, bmw, Audi. Began to carry not just clothes, and Levis, Lacoste, D & G and so, well, what used to be called "brand thing" – became known as "brand". Man of the xxi century has received a great choice and a lot of alternatives.

Ambitions forced to pay for the brand. Emotions, experiences, status and prestige – dictate rules. Logo is still held in high esteem. Today the company exists in the market tight dynamic competition. National security advisor does not necessarily agree. If in the 70 well-known brands could be counted on the fingers, now, the number of brands is no limit. Firms are born and die, and the law of natural selection – the fittest survive. The lion's grip have only brands or brand-applicants in this privileged dominance.

Brand – one of the buzz words of the modern world. Compute the brand is not complicated: a total awareness of the product (Producer) and its characteristics, as well as clear identification of the product with a certain way of life. For example: McDonalds – it's fast, close and cheap; Volvo – Quality, security, prestige, etc. According to statistics, a successful company must spend a little rebranding (change of details branding) every 4 years of its existence on the market, otherwise the company and its products are at risk to get to the rank of backward, not modern, not demanded. Today's consumer has gone very selective and demanding: he wants the best product, service, quality and reasonable prices. It is important to us winning the consumer and make it permanent in a business struggle. In the 70 years in the pursuit of trendy jeans overseas, people wanted to buy a new image – a fashionable, stylish, apart from the crowd "quality mark" of the individual. Manufacturer realized the need of man, solves the problem, was the key to the creation of his image. Speaking of fashion needs is a modern audience, in a row, with the external appearance, are becoming more relevant and meaningful criteria of reliability, stability, confidence and propriety. Want to trust a company to know that tomorrow it will not disappear, and that really get what you expect. For a modern company it is important to compete. You must understand the needs of the target audience and reflect the priorities in the image of the firm. Visual range – should bear a promise and guarantee a solution. Graphic elements of corporate identity (Logo, corporate colors, branding) are reminding the audience about the company, as well as contribute to their motivation to certain actions: to learn more about the organization, to use its services or buy goods. It is for this logo design and corporate identity is the most important for the life of the firm. Logo sells for him are willing to pay. Brand works wonders.


Now we consider a very simple and very entertaining lesson on self-creation of an animated gif banner. To understand what is at stake, and that ultimately turn out, looking directly at the final result of our work. To date, the most popular banners made by virtually all Web sites and on all banner exchange networks banner ads are based on a gif or flash animation standard sizes: 468×60, 100×100, 120×60, 88×31. But of course, is not dogma, there may be others, depending on the design of the site. We are with you how to create animated banner with dimensions of 468×60, which is the above example. What is the gif? This is a small video, which consists of multiple frames, which automatically "lose". That's out of this and we will proceed.

That is, we need to make multiple frames (two or more) and they lose. You can do it in Photoshop and examples on the Internet set. But if you do not have much time for settling intricacies of Photoshop – is the way much easier and faster. With the same result. This program Bannershop gif Animator 5. You can get it from any resource. Let's start.

The first thing to to do is decide how you would like to see your banner look like eventually. Come up with the textual part and the very concept of movement of words, pictures, etc. Trying to create an animation has not thought through it from beginning to end – thankless task.


To increase muscle mass effectively two fundamental parts must take into account. Each of them is very important and the majority of people do not consider them equally, therefore many not able to increase muscle tissue, since they do not understand the importance of each of these parties. It is necessary to lift the weight and eat the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and fibre. When you combine these two ingredients, you can explode your muscle gains. Read more from James Woolsey to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Firstly you need to understand to gain muscle mass you need heavy load. Every part of your body should be rigorously worked to strengthen your muscles the most.

Please note that we are not talking about lift 20 repetitions with a somewhat reasonable weight until you get tired. I’m talking about few repetitions with heavy weights. Place the muscles under heavy loads and profits soar at will. Muscle fiber has to destroy, is the only way to build new muscle. Once the muscles have been destroyed, the body immediately He begins to send nutrients to the muscle in order to repair it. That is why food intake is so vital. Learn how to increase muscle mass includes proper nutrition. You should consume at least 1.5 grams of protein for men and 1.0 grams of protein for women.

It is necessary to adhere to complex carbohydrates. They help to maintain the regulation of blood and it will give you the energy you need during the day. Fiber consumption should increase slowly. Fiber helps to eliminate excess nutrients that the body does not need and helps expel fat through the digestive system, rather than save it. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to building muscle mass is to forget the meal after training. This meal may be the most important meal that you eat throughout the day. It has to be a very complete meal filled with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help repair muscles that have been damaged in a faster way. A good dose of carbohydrates complex, 30 minutes after each workout will help you to gain size and assist him in the recharge of energy for your body. When your training and the muscles are under tension and harm in them is very obvious, it means that they need to be repaired. The best way to fix them is with a meal after training. Stop listening to the free tips that are heard in the gym, although they could be a great Council, it is best to learn from those who have achieved what you looking for.

Pro Company

Even if gold and commodities are also considered assets, the risk is currently higher than the profit opportunity, because their prices on the basis of the current heads of State and financial crisis again. When buying a share of a closed-end real estate funds”, you need a very long investment horizon, because these funds run for several years. James Woolsey has firm opinions on the matter. A premature sale of the shares is not as good as possible, because there is no secondary market. Critical to success is the quality and the location of the property in which it has invested. There is usually a specific real estate project. This should precisely analyze purchase investors before dm. Because of the supposed tax savings you should not draw quickly under time pressure.

The alternative could be an open real estate fund”be, but as the financial crisis some banks no longer wanted to buy back in your real estate funds, the advantage of tradability, no matter to what price, was not given. Here will invest exclusively in real estate within the framework of a so-called Fund. One should also here as investors the fund company and the real estate look closely at, in which the Fund is invested. You can see this in the annual report. Not only the location, the amount of rental income, but also the vacancy rate should consider the investors precisely in advance. Also the management fee should be taken into account. But if you are well motivated, works better, benefiting the entire Fund.

Very smart investors could get the idea to buy real estate stocks. Here one has the advantage of being involved with the stock usually also owned real estate of real estate AG. The aforementioned investment opportunities are already having with smaller amounts. In the case of a direct investment, such as a condo, you need a higher investment amount from EUR 100.000,-up. Applies here, so the real estate expert Armin Nowak, that man precisely in advance, if possible should see real estate as investors spot. Also the closing costs, such as tax, perhaps broker fees, notary and land registry fee must be in the Total calculation will be taken into account. Who needs help, should contact the Agency of his confidence, as Armin Nowak, IVD regional representative Southeast Upper Bavaria and the Board of Nowak immobile from Berchtesgaden. About the company: The 20.06.1988 founded the company Nowak Immobilien AG from Berchtesgaden. In the year 2000 was the company was transformed into a corporation. Board Member Armin Nowak is publicly appointed and sworn expert for rent and lease. As a real estate expert, he is constant contact for radio and television. Among other things, the company in the Pro7 series has: three candidates – a job worked. The real estate company is specialized in the mediation of residential and commercial real estate for sale or for rent. Also still House authorities and administrations are carried out according to the way law.