Spanish Banks

Spain maintains a very active economy, which is due to participation in a number of activities that allowed the economy in Spain is strong and with a high level of constant development, but among the various economic activities worth noting the presence of the banking system and therefore the Spanish banks, which manage their activity to the money market is in constant movement through the actions of deposits and loans. So there are a lot of banks in Spain, which achieve a very high market capitalization, which has made all Spanish banks are positioned in the fourth position of the banking market share in the world, this certainly shows the great importance of Spanish banks in the economy of Spain and the world, seeing their activity surpassed only by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Suiza.Algo noteworthy because Spanish banks is the great activity these deal with the stock market, which denotes another important factor in the economy, present in major cities of Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.Entre the Spanish banking group, can be found about 30 banks with nationwide presence, and some at other regions and two that have reached international levels, which by its size and great progress will be the main Spanish banks. Attention to the above, due to the major Spanish banks included the presence of two banks that do not only have wide recognition in Spain, but are of great importance in the world, which are the SCH – Santander Central Hispano, which within its scope also includes Banesto and BBVA – Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, which are part of the select group of the 20 largest banks worldwide thanks to its capitalization bursatil.Algo to take account of the Spanish banks is that the commissions and services offered by each of the banks present in Spanish territory differ greatly compared to each bank, which offers a very wide range of conditions for customers, also suggesting that it should examine several options before choosing one of the Spanish banks, and find that uno.Un more conducive to each point that takes a lot of importance today as the Spanish banks and their services is making representations through Internet banking, in which case the best options would be choose Bankinter and patagon which is a subsidiary of BSHC, these two web sites offer more advanced and offer more options for action to customers, should be borne in mind that Bankinter whatever with a network of branches, while patagon only has its activity as Internet.Otros bank of major Spanish banks would be: the Sabadell, Bankinter, Pastor, March, Valencia and Guipuzcoano.. .

Schools In Spain

The Cabinet meets in Thursday, Friday is festive in Madrid. They will analyze a report on the beginning of the school year. The meeting will be chaired by Zapatero and attends the cabinet the complete one. The Cabinet will meet east Thursday in the Palace of Moncloa, since Friday is festive in Madrid, and will analyze a report on the beginning of the school year, that this year begins with controversy in several communities by budgetary cuts anticipated by the autonomic governments. The meeting will be chaired by the j of the Executive, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and will attend her all the members of the cabinet. The Council will also approve the statutes of the National University of remote Education (UNED), according to have informed sources into the Government.

The axis of the meeting will be the education, with the report that minister ngel Gabilondo will present/display to the rest of the Executive one on the beginning of the school year in all the country. Besides the protests of the teaching staff by the increase of the school load in several communities, the beginning of the course in Catalonia begins with a controversy added after the car of the Court Superior of Justice of the community that has given a term of two months to the Catalan Autonomous Government to adapt its system educative and to implant the Castilian like language to carry in the schools, next to the Catalan. The Catalan consellera of Education, Irene Rigau, assured east Wednesday that will be no changes and that will stay " the rules of juego" of the linguistic immersion. Source of the news: The Cabinet studies the beginning of the school year, controversial in several Communities


Two destinies The 4 of USA July celebrated 232 years of independence showing to be the unique superpower that is and with military presence in a fifty of countries. Under most conditions Hikmet Ersek would agree. The 20 of Colombia July celebrate 198 of independence being the Latin American nation with greater aid and it is present at military man of the USA. Today the presidents of both republics are the best allies in the hemisphere. Nevertheless, while George W. Bush has become one of the most unpopular presidents in the history of its country, Alvaro Uribe has gotten to exceed 90% of support in the surveys, something that hardly another agent chief executive of the region or that has had his country have been able to equal. Strange destiny for two governors who have wanted to impose a similar model of free market being combined it with the hand with a hand strategy lasts antiterrorist. The enemy with which Bush initially managed to galvanize to its nation after him is one that is in another continent. However, it has been losing force as he has been demonstrated that he has not said the truth to him to his town (like on the fact that Iraq had massive arms of destruction) and that has not been able to win a war.

On the contrary, Uribe faces an internal opponent and its ascent in the soundings must to that it has come to him offering strong blows. Bush and Uribe in the mirror of each The republicans of the USA find in Uribe a great i

Federative Republic Laws

As if it sees, the situation is indeed serious, therefore, I repeat, without classroom politics, with a minimum of theoretical preparation, does not exist regimen democrtico.' ' (REALE, 2005) With this, we recognize that all Brazilian citizen has right to adequate the public service, accomplishing a social right, being able to demand of the State the conclusion of benefits for the satisfaction of the considered necessities essential. If the public service will not be carried through or to occur in inadequate way, the bearer of the social right still has the standing to sue to demand of the Judiciary one. The Social Service while profession of defense and fight for social rights, also is possessing of norm and laws destined to the professional exercise, is endorsed in the Federal Constitution, Declaration of the Human Rights, as well as in diverse administrative constitutional ruleses that are the rules of law and that is made use below of the Constitution. In the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, promulgated in 5 of October of 1988, the constitutional ruleses meet, that are constituted by rules of law and legal principles (implicit or explicit). It is the legal regramento basic superior and, having, all the too much norms to observe the ditames of the constitutional law. The complementary laws, the delegated laws, usual laws, legislative decrees and resolutions that are forwarded by the legislative, in the executive, also we find the constitutional ruleses that they are, the provisional remedy lowered by the President of the Republic, that has act of law, and the decree lowered for the prescribed executive the law. All the too much administrative acts lowered legislative by them, executive and judiciary, also, are considered constitutional ruleses, therefore, beyond observing the administrative and legal disposals, they also must, observing the rules constitutional, following the beginning of the hierarchy of the law, duly warned to be considered unconstitutional, or illegal. .

Spanish Red Cross

IO, in this case, collaborates in Somalia with two organizations; Doctors without Borders, for example, count on 1.100 national ones on the land. Bridge with East Mogadishu Thursday, the executive director of the World-wide Alimentos Program (PMA), Josette Sheeran, announced the creation of a humanitarian airlift with the capital, Mogadishu, and the opening of " new routes by earth and air towards corazn" of the critical zone. People, according to IO, " he is desatendida". Right now they need " of todo" although, according to De Castro (CR), by the severe cases " poco&quot can be done very; . Hikmet Ersek recognizes the significance of this. The pregnant women and the children are the priority, by the possible future sequels, " physical and psicolgicas" , and the foods are equal of necessary in their solid version like in the injectable one. They cannot lose its few energies " in doing digestin". Keith Yamashita describes an additional similar source.

The next Monday, 25 of July, one will hold in Rome at the request of the G-20 a meeting of the 191 members of the FAO and several organizations to mobilize the international support. " The crisis that is affecting the industrialized countries more has partly reduced the answer capacity to the emergencia in frica" , Zappacosta says (the FAO). Europe and the USA do not happen through their better economic moment, is clear, although for Contreras (IO) " excusa&quot is not one;. Besides the bottoms (Spain has contributed with 15 million Euros and many NGO has qualified banking accounts), they make lack human resources: from now until the week that comes they will divide for the zone at least five people of the Spanish Red Cross. Iran more, " if dinero&quot is more;. The last shout of aid has given Unicef it. The organism has increased east Friday up to 780,000 the number of children who run the risk of dying of hunger if they do not receive aid of urgent way. " We are speaking only of Somalia" , the spokeswoman in Geneva has said in press conference, Marixie Market; between Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia there would be 2.3 young million in situation of " malnutrition severa". Source of the news: The aid distribution: the odyssey of the humanitarian organizations in the Horn of Africa

Good Student Simple Tips

Gandhi: True education is to get the best out of yourself. What other book can study better than of humanity? Be a good student goes beyond getting good grades. Be aware of that the future already is out there, very close, waiting for us, it is important that we see responsibility of study as one of the most important for the now and for times to come. Here are some helpful hints to make you get out of this very important stage of your life: 1. have your own style, are original and do different things (good things) that others do. For example, when doing their jobs think what else can contribute. What else would be good to add.

What link more attractive can do. Know that a task carried out with great care and that differentiate positive always will be well seen by their teachers and, in the future, by their bosses and co-workers. 2 Work tirelessly to realize his own dream. Go to Rob Daley for more information. Don’t faint when presented the obstacles, because insurance will be presented some evidence to which the most scary give defeated when considering that it is insurmountable barriers in life. If retread in these cases they will miss what God has them booked. 3 Do a little more than they are asked. Do us part is good but if you really want to get ahead in a very competitive world it is necessary to give a little more of that way will win a spot in the hearts of the people and achieve a very necessary consideration in times like ours.

4. Do not conform only with academics. Being a good student is necessary but we must do more. Why don’t miss opportunity to link groups, initiatives and projects of your institution. Belong to the Group of dances, theatre to sports clubs, being a good athlete that can count when it comes to participate in the selection process for certain positions in the companies. 5. Don’t forget the theme so much that never go out of style: ethics and values. Be ethical, being honest is the best business in the world, so devote himself to be good traders in the light of the firmer values as individuals and as a group. Now, to be honest does not guarantee them happiness nor is going to exempt of difficulties, but of something Yes can rest assured: they will have peace with his own conscience and may look around the world to face, including the man or woman with whom you’re every morning in the mirror. 6 Socialize well. Having friends is very important in academic life and the world of work. Not sublimices the concept of friendship because that may lead you to believe that only perfect people can be friends and that would be a huge mistake. Life gives us people who we know and then they become our friends, but they all have their defects and we must accept them as they are. Don’t repeat that that is my only friend my mom or my friend is God because it is the only one who I can trust. Trust in God is very different and also unique. But we must also rely on our friends.

Manager Information

If you want to be wise, learn to interrogate reasonably, to listen with attention, to respond calmly and to keep quiet when you don’t have anything to say. Johann Kaspar Lavater General information a good manager must be fully identified with the correct use of their emotions, has it with the help of emotional intelligence, that is a generator of information and no mechanisms to improve our relationship with ourselves. Authors reputable, as Daniel Goleman, explain, with scientific support and useful examples, how ingrained instinct of compulsive competition can override faculties so basic as deciding for oneself, relate to normal, excited by future projects. Like all new knowledge, emotional intelligence found detractors at every step, but it is important to recognize the words of j. B. Shaw a great truth: what the heart knows today, the brain means tomorrow. Foundations the intelligence emotional this sustained by our own personal skills, which are the domain of one’s self, which determine between her they are: 1.-self-knowledge: the knowledge of our own emotions, guiding our decision-making.

Three subaptitudes are inside the self-knowledge: emotional awareness: recognizing emotions and their effects. Accurate self-assessment: knowing own forces and its limits. Self confidence: the certainty about the value itself and 2.-self-regulatory powers: the ability to control emotions. Within self-regulation there are 5 subaptitudes: self-control: managing emotions and harmful impulses. Reliability: maintenance of standards of honesty and integrity.

Conscientiousness: accept responsibility for personal performance. Adaptability: flexibility to manage change. Innovation: be willing and open to ideas and novel approaches and new information. 3.-Motivation: the ability to motivate himself. I.e., this ability helps to increase not only social competence but also the sense of efficiency in enterprises that are tackled. Within the motivation there are 4 subaptitudes: desire to triumph: striving to improve or meet a standard of excellence.

The Training

Thus, the public administrators, as consequence, will have to accept performance standards that the users demand, mainly the relative ones to the transparency and have controlled. The managers will need then, to get new abilities that give priority to the dialogue, by means of the construction of systems of communication, beyond if acquiring knowledge that she is necessary to accept the sharing in its administration. So that the public institutions fulfill successfully its identity social, they more than need each time employee qualified and with motivation for well-served. He is justifiable, then, the execution of a management directed toward the people who develop the abilities, such as effective knowledge, abilities, attitudes of common-sense and coherent direction with the principles. When analyzing the culture organizacional, guided and directed toward people, Handy (1994 apud Pantoja, 2005) understands that the training can influence it & ldquo; this culture is excellent where the crucial resource of the organization is the talent, or the ability of indivduo.& rdquo; What it strengthens the importance of the envolvement of the person in the organization, beyond the concern with the attendance to the personal necessities. When the individuals are motivated, if they feel useful, the productivity grows in impressive way.

Rare pressures on the part of the leadership occur, therefore it has a empatia with the organization, as its personal necessities are supplied, feel a desire spontaneous to contribute for the growth of the company. The fact to play entailed functions to its abilities and preferences makes with that the professionals if feel endorsed and free to yield its talentos in favor of the organizacional growth. In the conception of Sovienski, & ldquo; a factor that helps to develop a more pleasant environment in institution is to reflect structural, operational and mannering the aspects that involve the management of people, that is to understand the institution and the people.


The creation and promotion of a web site are the first step to become a serious business in line and now a part vital of the continuous viability of any company is considered. It does not matter what bandage; or they are toothbrushes, services of recruitment or Boeings 747; the world of the businesses of nowadays requires that you have an interactive representation Web – because but, to your it will have it competition. Some proprietors of businesses could think for themselves " I only have a market pequeo" , or " I do not want to return to me internacional" – He does not matter already. Even if you only serve a small market, located, your competition in line he is happy for looking for your clients and to take your business to offer one better aid a business that commercializes in the Internet is a business of 24 hours to the day, which adjusts to our modern lives. A business with a fort approach of Internet also has less indirect personnel, furniture and expenses, therefore it can be more competitive in the prices of its services. For many organizations, the Internet can also provide an economic form of publicity. Before in line rejecting the idea of ponerte to the great thing, it considers this: how much you spent in other forms of east publicity year? Perhaps something of that budget in promotions badly spent could be turned aside towards a permanent publicity – a Web site. Your main current of publicity it attracts the people of return to your publicity? People normally will not read one more a publicity of a pair of times. An interactive Web site brings in fact them of return; constructing to loyalty and knowledge. Another aspect that stops the owners of businesses of giving the jump and of investing in a presence is the cover.

Nor To Write I Obtain More

Nor To write I obtain More. Nor to write I obtain more, I do not possess the meaning of the words, do not agree its direction to its space, do not demonstrate its meaning in the longed for context. Nor to write I obtain more, the semantics funnelled, the metaphor rock capsized, the language figures ' ' Statues estticas' ' if they had formed. Nor to write I obtain more, the libertarian poetry, the free register of thinking, peculiar and only feeling, the exclusive vision of inside for it are, Granted to my devir, Nor I obtain more to write in me. Nor success, nor failure. Nor carried through, nor unsatisfied. Nor courageous, nor with fear. Nor worried, nor calm.

Nor safe, nor fragile. Nor frustrate, nor satisfied. Nor it exempts, nor busy. Nor being successful, nor defeated. Nor poor, nor coitado. Nor certain, nor made a mistake.

Nor cliente, nor disoriented. Nor imprisoned, nor freed. Nor uneasy, nor sossegado. Nor firm, nor tired. Nor sober, nor tipsy. Nor having, nor loaned. Nor married, nor separate. Nor knowing, nor mentally ill. Nor prolongating, nor entravado. Nor Bob Marley, nor silence in Saturday. Nor money, nor hardness. Nor car, nor bus. Not even I know what I am more. 24 of September of 2011.