The Problems

Thus, as the crisis of legitimacy, credibility and efficiency and effectiveness of the representation is become serious, the idea has been more fortified to combine the representation with citizen participation (WOLKMER, 1997, P. 211 – 212). That shift of paradigm caused the formation of " new collective subject like colectivity where an identity is elaborated and is organized you practice comunes". Retaking therefore the concept of " comunidad" (SADER, 1988) presented/displayed as public space you affirm legitimation of new social forces peels that they look for together to materialize his basic attempts. The model of participating democracy was very well caught by the government from Barcelona when mobilizing a complexity of social actors articulating them and integrating them in around one common plan where all contribute his capacities and talents for the effective development of the public policies, making arise a powerful and strategic local power from territorial dimension.

In that model of participation there are to capitalization of all the talents and local resources for the increase of the policies. Each one of the people can contribute capacities because the idea of well-being in that model of democracy demands the participation of all which together they complete themselves. The integrated participation of the people and institutions as the citizen agreement in Barcelona is made up tends to expand more and more and to connect to each other and with other structures, constituting a mass of social participation very hard and very difficult to be debilitated or to deteriorate itself. Those inter-sectoral networks are fortified so much more developed and they communicate with other complementary networks because san. The paper of the State with its power convocatorio and the effectiveness of a public policy of development of the social network in that very important process san. He is excellent the impulse and the motivation for the participation. The government in network can to bring many contributions for the confrontation of the problems of the society, which certainly the State, or the Market and much less the society would obtain single.