My Network Marketing History

Hi, dear friend! In this article I will reveal some, mind you just some of network marketing and what he gave me personally! Eugene Simahina handed me the baton, 'What has given me a network marketing! "I think that post- participate in the relay race! Let's start! Network marketing burst into my life in August 2001! According to documents before, but I could see only at this time! That I had or had not at that time. I will not write about my family is Holy of Holies, and here I always have a full order! But as for all other areas, all in good time! 1. I had no job (Cross out the word because, like all my body and astral including anti-slavery!) A few words about this: I do not know is it good or bad, but I was not used at all to obey anyone else! No, of course, I lay my employment history as a historic moment and a historical relic, a few years I have worked: the school, district committee Young Communist League, college, the district committee of trade unions, in college, back in school and in college again, and this for the first nine years of general work experience, if taken away for 4 years with little care for the child. And in order to succeed and though it does not matter I always felt for himself the favor of managers, and I even named a diplomat in dealings with colleagues, but I have no illusions on this score have not experienced. That being said, no eggs and butter it will not put! 2.YA had big ambitions not for those times when I came to the stock exchange, where looking for jobs, and called his expected income, the workers of these exchanges were rounded eyes, and they answered that such vacancies were not! Interesnenkoe businessman, is not it? 3.

SMS Marketing Promoting

In this article we will talk about the importance, benefits and functionality of sms marketing in addition to briefly consider some common terms used in this segment, such as sms services and solutions for sms marketing, sms mailing, sms VoIP-gateways and switches. There is no doubt that the number of mobile subscribers worldwide than internet users. Company, dwarfs and giants, which were previously used to promote their products and services Internet, are now moving to a new concept. This occurs because the sms marketing strategies provide greater scope of audience than online marketing. It is believed that the use of mobile phone ad – it is the most personal form maketinga that a marketer can use. In order to derive the most benefit from sms marketing and mobile marketing, the marketer must be followed by a long-term strategy. You must correctly identify the type of audience to start using sms marketing.

In this regard, the optimization strategy can be made by understanding the behavior of all potential users of mobile phones. sms marketing with services such as sms services, sms marketing solutions, sms mailing, SMS-gateways and VoIP switches to create a common database platform, and serves as a personalized and interactive marketing environment. In this environment, sms gateways can be easily integrated into existing messaging and corporate systems, processing the transfer of sms in a split second. With the right architectural solution design sms platform solutions, software developers and integrators to use an api for any other purposes of delivering information to end user. api for using the sms service, which offers most providers of services sms delivery, represent the most simple way for integration and development of mobile marketing into existing enterprise systems company. The concept of sms marketing makes a revolution in the business world every day, and this trend likely to continue coming years.